Growing Bill. Hallelujah, tips?

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)March 16, 2013

Well I havent gotten my Pink Champagne yet, but today I got a potful or Bill. Halleleujah. The plants are nice and deep pink/reddish lots of spots,i was told it has been growign in about 70% sun all day. He said it would be able to handle the hot Fla. sun in the summer. And be even more colorful. Is this true? Can it handle the HOT summer sun in south Fla?

Can anyone give me hints on how to grow it to its max. color? Feeding, light, water? I assume that when/if I get my Pink Champagne it will be the same care, They must be very closely 'related', they look so much alike. My brownish ones that I have are in the full sun all day, and they do flower and grow like weeds. But is it the same for this one?

Any tips would be appreciated.

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I have found few broms that can take full summer sun anywhere in Florida. I don't think I'd do it. Michael Kiehl has Bill. Pink Champagne. Hell be at the first of April.

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Growing bromeliads will take some experimentation. The only ones I know that take full Florida sun are Aechmea (and not all of that genera will take full sun).
If you bought pups, acclimate them gradually until they show signs of growth. Then increase the light. Do not over fertilize any brom if you don't want a very green plant. Moderation and patience are key to these amazing plants. If you have no patience don't grow these plants.

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Hi everyone - I find this a nice plant and very easy to grow quickly into a nice size specimen.

All the best, Nev.

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

I was told by a MAJOR bromeliad grower that I had better put my baby Pink Champagnge into the full Fla. sun now and keep it there all summer, to get its full color. That it will take the summer sun, and needs it to keep its color. That is where she grows hers. I got a baby one, a pup, and it is green, very little pink, and I told her it was in mostly shade and asked if I should put it in the sun. If it could handle the Fla., summer sun, and she said YES, and to put it in the sun now asap, to get it colored up and ready for the spring/summer sun.

The hallelujah i have has been getting morning sun till about noon, and it is still red and spotted, but it needs even more sun to keep it at its full color. It looks nice like 'Splinter1804' one, not that many plants ,only 2 in it, so I am going to move it and my small Pink Champagne into the sun in the morning, and watch them. Hey if they start to burn or something, I will move them into some shade. But i was told to give it full Fla. sun,and it can handle it all summer.nd if hers grow that way, then they grow in full sun.

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