repotted seedlings

hippifan(8)November 29, 2011


I repotted my seedlings last saturday. Here they are. They look healthy, don't they?

This one has 7 leaves!

They are 8 months. I'm proud on it! They are crossing Appleblossom ÃÂ (I think) Desire.

Is this Desire? And if not, wich one is it then?

Thank you for identify!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

They look great!! Do you grow them inside?? What size pot were they in, how many/pot, etc! Looks like the bigger one might bloom for you this spring!

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Wow!! You should be really proud of yourself, they look great!! And look at those leaves will you!! I can't really tell if your picture is Desire or not, the lighting is a little dark,(Off hand it looks like Red Lion, but you'd know if it was red or not) but whatever it is, with Apple Blossom, they should be stunning!! I have some seedlings of Apple Blossom x Lady Jane..but they aren't nearly as vigorous as yours. Here is my Desire see it you think that is what you had. Desire has a very noticible lavender midrib which was on all of my flowers..I think it shows in the pictures..hope this helps you ID your flower!



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Nice photos, everyone! Thanks for sharing!

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Wow ;) I think you may be onto something here, SHARE your success please!

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Thank you for all enthousiastic replies. I didn't know they were so good actually.

I just sowed them in february, they showed their first leaf in march, after some months I repotted them each in a pot, so 1 per pot, and they were outside by a wall at the south. And in oktober I replaced them inside. Actually that's all.

I think it isn't Desire then. Can you name some more orange ones. Then I can look them up here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Perhaps it is Orange Sovereign? It is a very vigorous grower.

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Hmmm, when I have a better look at the second picture of Donna, perhaps it is Desire.

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It might also be Naranja, another very lovely orange..but, what ever it is, with Apple Blossom you will definitely be handing out cigars when the time comes...can't wait to see them...


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