Bromeliads for living/vertical wall

lyndi_whyeMarch 17, 2010

These pictures were taken at Hortpark, Singapore.

Pictures of other Living Walls

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Very nice Lyndi. Love this idea of using broms vertically, hence our wall. Also the ones in Nong nooch Thailand are out of this world. Thanks for showing this off, any more pics?

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Hi Lyndi, great photos, Like J&A I enjoy seeing plants used in vertical walls espec broms as they are just so well suited to growing this way. With the typical residential section becoming smaller & smaller, it's a good option to display a collection of plants without taking up too much space. Do you know what the broms @ Hortpark are growing in or on? Looks like some sort of mat???
I was inspired to start growing broms on vertical walls after seeing these photos of the Montane house at the Singapore Botanical Gardens...are they still there?

Here are before & after photos taken from an article Derek Butcher did on the gardens years ago.

Just imagine having a wall of your house planted out like this...

Cheers, Andrew.

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Amazing feature walls! A lot more appealing than just a coat of Dulux!

Down the track a bit I am looking at creating a vertical garden or two (on a MUCH smaller scale than these of course) so would be great to see pics of the vertical gardens people here have created and the best materials etc.

Thanks for the pics folks

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Andrew, I am sorry to say that I have not seen this part of our SBG. Will check it out when I have time.

A few more pictures from Hortpark but not on the walls.


Rangoon Creeper

Plumeria Dwarf Singapore Pink or Petite Pink

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