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hort_lvr_4lifeMarch 28, 2009

Here are the Broms that found their way into my shopping cart at Lowes yesterday. I don't know who they are, but I have a feeling one is a Tillandsia.



#3 Tillandsia?

The bloom is darker like in the picture above.

Here's the sad one I got from HD on Wednesday. It's in a 1" pot:

Thanks to all the pictures I have seen in this forum I am now completely in love with and addicted to Broms. It's an epidemic!

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Nice. Four different genera. The first is a vriesea hybrid. The species was vriesea splendens (flaming sword plant), no idea what the commercial hybrid name is for this one (there are several). The second is a guzmania...again, I have no idea the commercial hybrid names. #3 is indeed a tillandsia cyanea. A hybrid with the compound paddle inflorescence? And #4 is a cryptanthus.

Ok, sorry I couldn't be more helpful with specific names, but at least a start with the genus names.

Welcome to a new addiction!

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Hort you have to watch them as they multiply very

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Hi Hort,
I think the first one could be Vr. Splendriet. If it is, it's a bit cold sensitive.

All the best, Nev.

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If I pollinate these will I be looking for seed pods or berries? I am so inexperienced with Broms.

Anyone have suggestions for a great book about Broms? I am looking for an aid for ID (as I assume I will only acquire MORE ;-)...) as well as specific care needs of different species (I know the Crypts are not epiphytic while other species are).

Thanks all!!!

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bromcrazy(Qld Australia)

Hi Hort,

The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies (FCBS) has a website that is invaluable for I.D. purposes. (Also great for adding to an ever-growing wishlist). You will see this site referred to often here in this forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: FCBS

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