what to do with last year's bloom?

chueh(7B)March 21, 2009

I got my first bromeliad in bloom last year. After the blooming season, the flower stalk has become dehydrated, losing its color, and brittle. However, the flower stalk is still in tact. Will the new bloom sprout from the old one's bottom up by itself, or do I need to cut the old one down? Will it even bloom this year? How often does it bloom, once a year? Thanks

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Different bromeliads bloom yearly, once every two years, etc, etc. New plants (called pups) come up from the base of the plant (generally). When they are about a third the size of the original plant take them off with a serrated knife and plant in a new pot. Most plants send up several pups. Cut the flower stalk off the old 'mother plant' and keep the old plant. Even after you have temoved several pups the old mother might still send up more for quite some time, so I never discard the old mothers. Hopes this helps.

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Yes, it helps. Thank you. I do see several pups coming up around the base of the plant.

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