Aechmea Suenos

bromadams(10b)March 8, 2009

Anybody growing A Suenos? I was quite surprised to find mine blooming today. It's only 4 inches tall! Given it's recurvata heritage, I'll have to do a bigeneric cross or two.

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A very cute little thing! I just found that the pups does not flower the following season, but mine has developed into a nice clump and I should have plenty of flowers this coming Winter. I also like the way the pups come out looking very much like grass and as they mature, they develop into a nice little rosette with wiger, less pointy leaves!


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Here's my Sueños:

Is yours blooming now, Japie? This seems to be the time of year for those of us north of the equator. I would have expected it to be the opposite for you.

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I read some where that suenos is supposed to get almost black if out in the sun. I've been giving my little group a decent amount of sun and the smaller pups are starting to turn color, but I can't imagine them getting almost black.

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Lisa, yours has got a HUGE inflorescence! Is it the clone, or if I start feeding mine will it do the same? I took the picture in July 2007, so it looks like a Winter bloomer all over.

Mine is currently planted in full sun. Ok, full morning sun - from sun up till about 13h00. And they are still green. I'll see if I can manage a flash photo otherwise I'll get one tomorrow.

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My small group showing a hint of color.

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That inflo was somewhat larger than usual, Japie, which is what prompted me to take the picture, but they usually do make a nice round ball. I'm pretty sure I got it from Tropiflora many years ago. A little fertilizer might help, but I suspect it's more a matter of the clump not having been divided in a long time. Mine's been out in full sun for years and the foliage has never gone anywhere near black, in fact it's quite green compared to some of the other recurvata types.

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Mine aren't flowering at the moment (late Summer/Autumn) but have been in full sun for a few years and the leaf bases are quite dark. Not something you notice until you get really close.

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