They're BAAACK!!!

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 18, 2011

Last year's photo...but they are back in HD!! $19.99 Red Lion bulb (large size) with massively sliced basal plate (which we now know isn't the death sentence we all thought!)


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That's cool, but at ritchies feed & seed I bought a jumbo exposure bulb, one flamenco queen and one rozetta! the jumbo was 19.99$, flamenco queen was 10.99$ and rozetta was 13.99$, I hope you find a good one out of that batch! :) Pss by the way are they selling those at Rona?

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I could be mistaken, but the price sticker looks like Home Depot.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

...HD=Home Depot. What's the question?

I won't be buying any of these...but in their defense, at least the scapes have room to grow! I need another Red Lion like I need...another Red Lion. NO...

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I hear you, Kristi... not only don't I need another Red Lion... I also don't care to contribute to the disposable commercial consumerism represented by such displays. Pass.

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I don't think current posters got the gist of your message..nobody bothers to read past posts anymore, or type anything into that search box that can yield so much useful information....

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

You're right they don't. Here's the post that started it all and I'll bump the other post up...just because we all learned from the basal plate slicing.

Off the the GH to go repot some bulbs that have gotten HUGE and some with tons of offset!! My Bonfire are thriving! Yay!!

Here is a link that might be useful: the post that started the discussion on slicing off basal plates...

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Kristi, Refresh my memory..if you have a picture of your Bonfire please..I seem to have forgotten it and where did it come from? :-(

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Me again. Now I did a search like I told everybody else to do but I left one of the ps out of didn't like that..Sorry...I might add that you must spell correctly...;-)

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Displays like this are a testament to the disposable, wasteful, environmentally UNfriendly world of convenience and greed we live in today. The idea is instant gratification in the form of an item that consumers are encouraged to throw away when spent, adding to the massive amount of refuse taking over our earth. This type of product is nonrenewable, unsustainable, and sets a horrible example for our youth to follow.

Purchase of such items simply encourages more waste, in my opinion.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Here's a so-so photo of Bonfire. I think it was really much prettier than these photos depict!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

While I do think that $19.99 for a Red Lion is absolutely ridiculous, it turns out that the original post taught us all many things.
1) slicing the basal plate can actually encourage root growth
2) this is a standard practice for older bulbs with thick basal plates
3) these jumbo bulbs no doubt HAD a thicker basal plate than the smaller bulbs we usually see in boxes
4) so...the sliced basal plate is NOT a death sentence, in spite of my original thoughts on this

Now...let's think of some positives
1) people can actually see what they are getting!
2) the scapes grow straight and tall
3) maybe...just maybe, this will introduce a few more people to amaryllis...and they'll get CHAD
4) the manf has included instructions with how to grow the bulb after the holiday season has ended

SO....when I originally posted this message back in Dec 09, I just thought that this was the absolutely worst thing ever; however, after reassurance from listers who are EXPERTS, we realized that it wasn't horrible, and...while everyone on the list is entitled to their opinions, I sure changed mine since this set-up actually gives the bulb a much better chance, and the scapes can grow and toot their own horns to passer-bys....(buy me, buy me). I guess if there were no box kits, then there wouldn't be a constant renewal of people introduced to Hippis, since that's how many of us were introduced to them!


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Thank you for posting your not so-so picture of Bonfire I think it's very lovely, I just love the shape!! Do you think it has any papilio in it? I have a few seedlings that are finally growing from a Benfica x papilio cross that just took forever to grow. For the longest time they just looked like blades of new grass and now finally they have developed into these tiny bulbs with 3 or 4 leaves..Your Bonfire is what I would hope this cross might yield..if I love long enough.;-)


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The topic of basal plate slicing came up right after the original freakout.

Here is a link that might be useful: Later that same month.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

"FREAKOUT" is sooooo right!! But, we've come to our senses and learned a few things since then. Thanks for linking Maria's post about slicing. I thought it was her, but wasn't sure!

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Perhaps a few positives can be taken away if one considers the issue at length... this much is very true.

I still cannot help but look at it from a slightly negative angle. We really are a wasteful species, we humans, and though the fine print on such items might include steps to save and reuse the contents, the product was built upon the premise that we watch the item bloom for the Holidays... then we dispose of it.

Hundreds if not thousands of those kits will be found in trash bins and landfills across the nation come the new year. That's just the nature of our present social condition. Society in general is wasteful, thinking in the short term. We seldom worry about the state of our planet, as it pertains to the long term survival of our species.

So, while this type of product is not the worse thing ever, neither is it the best thing to hit the market. In this case, I think it could be argued that it's a "six of one, half a dozen of the other" situation. Some consumers may save and reuse... but many will most likely not.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I went to another HD today and their display was down to the last 7 bulbs. Some were blooming and they appeared to be Amigo (vs the Red Lion that was posted on the pacakging). So...hopefully a few people will get hooked on Hippis from this holiday folly. I still hate the thought of the bulbs blooming with no roots and no water, but least the package directs the buyer/recipient to the website for afterseason care.


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