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localocaApril 9, 2009

I am curious has anyone tried growing bromeliads mounted in the Los Angeles area? If so how were you able to keep the root section moist? Should I just give up on that idea?

Also, has anyone ever tried just simple Super Soil Potting Soil (brown bag bought at Home Depot) for potting bromeliads? I like it because it drains fast but I'm curious if I should still add something to open the mix up?


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I live near LA. If you're talking about growing in pots, that should be no problem, as long as you make sure the plant is getting the right amount of light and water.

You can also glue tillandsias to sections of grape wood or whatever and keep them outside. Is that what you mean by "mounting"? Most broms that are "mounted" like that (epiphytes) don't need water around their roots. They get their moisture from water that lands on their leaves or in their tanks.

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thanks for the reply. I have tillandsias on pieces of cork and they do great in low humidity. However I was talking about Bromeliads like say here http://waterroots.com/images/bromeliad02.jpg

Sure that works obviously in a greenhouse. Just curious if anyone tried this outdoors???

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I live just south of Los Angeles in Orange County. The plant in your picture would not be a good candidate outdoors in Southern Califonia for growing mounted because it is a bit tender for our climate. You do have lots of other choices haowever. Most of the stoliniferous aechmeas will grow mounted in So Cal with a little bit of attention to their needs. They tend to do better by the coast where the humidity is higher which should be a clue (find the best micro cliamte in your yard). They do not need their roots kept moist constantly though so start mounting.

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Hi there...how about the Neos...do you think those would do well mounted? I have some that are stoloniferous and dont put out much roots although they are potted in soil....Thanks!

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I mount neos as well and actually have had really good luck with them grown that way. Again, humidity is the key, it's what stimulates the roots to grow and when the plant is growing roots (preferably athhaching to a wood surface), they seem to thrive and color up really well. Good luck!


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I've grown the stoloniferous types on trees by using a 50-50 mix of orchid bark and potting soil, encasing the roots in this then wrapping with a fine mesh like pantyhose or the "socks" that garlic comes in. Secure the plant in the crook of a limb with the green, stretch tape (I know it looks crummy but you can eventually remove it) and treat like any epiphytic brom. Billbergias, Aech. "Bert", and A. correia-araujoi are real good candidates. I'm down in Oceanside BTW.

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