butterfly bush and soil preparation

melvee(7)March 17, 2008

Hi everyone. i have two questions, if you would humor me.

1) when is the best time for me to plant butterfly bush?

2) i put down newspaper last year to prepare a new bed but it has not all deteriorated. my husband bought me a tiller for Christmas to help in the garden. my soil is clay in some places. my plan is to mix up some peat with some soil and maybe some Vermiculite and mix it down as far as i can before i plant. does that sound right? also wondering if i should take up the newspaper or try to till with it there and mix it up with the rest?

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Here's a Garden Preparation article I wrote which should help[.


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Preparation

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I'd take up the newspaper and add some manure and compost to the soil, then plant my butterfly bush either in a raised bed or on a VERY well-drained site. The most important thing in successfully raising butterfly bushes is quick drainage. I don't know when the best time would be to plant in your zone, but after all danger of frost is over would be safe. Of course, you'll need to water the bush its first year.
I planted several butterfly bushes directly in the ground in years past, and they died, failing to come back in spring. I couldn't understand it, since my winters are very mild. I later learned that this is a plant that can't tolerate our continually wet winter soil. Since I've been planting mine in raised beds, I've been successful raising them, sometimes too successful, having to prune them to keep them from taking over the garden! :)

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