Puya spathacea (?) blooming

sdandyApril 26, 2009

This poor puya happens to be in a fairly exposed spot...ie-where unmonitored little brats stomp on it and break off pieces of the inflorescence. I guess its not vicious enough with its teeth! But it has still managed to flower. It was divided from a clump that is in a much more shaded area and we weren't even sure it was a puya until now. Although beat up, does anyone concur or disagree with my guess that its a puya spathacea?

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I don't grow any Puyas but it looks to me like the photo on FCBS and there are are couple of returns under Google images that look similar.


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Hi Andy - I don't grow Puyas either but I can still admire your plant's flower colour, I find it most unusual and attractive.

All the best, Nev.

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