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purplestarApril 10, 2009

Hi brom nuts! I was wondering if you could help me with this one. I purchased this as Neophytum Firefoam??? from an Oz auction site and it came in the mail yesterday. I placed my bid thinking I was bidding on a pup taken from the mum in the auction pic. I ran over to fcbs while the listing was still running and couldn't find Neophytum Firefoam, so I thought the seller possibly may have made a mistake, so I checked out the other bigenerics and decided that what she was actually selling was Neotanthus Firefoam because it matched her pic much better.

I emailed the seller asking did she really mean Neotanthus and she admitted she made an error. Ok no probs!

Anyway yesterday I opened my box and this brom looks nothing like the Neotanthus Firefoam shown on FCBS OR the seller's auction pic.

What did I get instead? HELP! LOL!

This next pic shows the underside of the leaf which screams neo spectabilis to me, The leaves feel very tough and stiff.

I have a Neotanthus 'Cardboard'. Is there a chance this could be a variegated form?

Now that I think of it, this pup even looks like a shade grown Neoregelia 'Perfection' ... Like I need another one of those like a hole in the head. LOL I don't have the room for too many big ones.

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Neo spectabilis variegata. Keep it in the shade if you like it's present colour or plant it in the sun and it will turn a nice reddish colour - specially viewed from below. I have mine mounted in full sun.


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Hi purplestar - I'm with avane on this one, it looks just like a Neo. spectabilis variegata I used to grow; and like avane says, more light, more colour.

All the best, Nev.

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WOW guys Thanks! Well that ain't so bad. I've never seen a variegata spectabilis nor did I know they existed LOL! I feel special now. Thanks again Japie and Nev :-)

cheers Rossana

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You saw mine in my brom house when you were here Rossana...LOL....you pointed and said whats that? when you found out you said...oh is that all?...lol. You liked it anyhow...so thats good.
What a shame you did not get what you were after in the first place though!At least it was not too much of a dissapointment:-)

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I did? did I really say 'oh is that all?' LOL! I must have been crazy to say something like that about one of your broms Bromaloonie hahaha. And now that you mention it, I admit! I did say that. I think it was more the shock of seeing something so beautiful and then hearing you say 'it's a spectabilis' LOL hence why I would have said 'oh is that all' LOL

Well there you go, I forgot all about that brom. And now I own one LOL! unintentionally of course ;-)

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