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hort_lvr_4lifeApril 10, 2009

My newest Crypt, whom I do not know the name, is coming into bloom. I can see the growth of four new pups? coming from between the leaves and 'stem.' If indeed they are pups should I repot to make room or leave the Crypt well enough alone? The Crypt is about four inches wide and it's in a 1.5" pot. The pot is very rootbound.

Shall I feed it with anything?

It's not real pretty and positive ID may be difficult until the pups get much larger. My son likes it because it has 'teeth.'

I'd appreciate all the help anyone has to offer!


Please do your best to ignore the poor photo quality.


Supposed to show a pup @ six o'clock and another @ eight o'clock from bloom:

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I think your son's Crypt is Cryptanthus acaulis.
Here my plants have bloomed too, seem they have a kind of timer inside (^_^)

Chanin in 'Xeric Garden'

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Thanks for the ID! Any tips?

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Good question! I was just about to post a thread with similar questions...I just got my first couple of crypts a little while ago and was also wondering about pups. When I was rearranging some of my plants a pup fell off. I'm assuming it was ready, but do I just pop it into soil and treat it like other brom pups? They seem like such different creatures, but just put in soil and keep slightly on the dry side?

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One of your circled areas is a pup, hort lvr, but the other looks like it may be more flowers, just as in Chanin's pic.

I wouldn't repot it once it has started to bloom, since it won't get any bigger after that. After blooming it will go into a gradual decline while it continues to give you pups, which will pop off very easily when they are ready, so they won't be sharing the same pot. The pups will have pointy bases with no roots, so you can just press them into the potting soil in a new pot, probably no bigger than a 4" pot for this species. Contrary to their appearance, they like to be shaded and kept fairly moist. Adding a little balanced slow-release fertilizer to the mix will help too.

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What do you suggest for medium? I have other Broms that are in something that they seem to like, but I am not sure exactly what it is. Looks like maybe peat, but it's not compacted and crusty the way peat tends to get. It seem light. I bought the Broms this way and have left them. They're all flowering.

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Probably any good general purpose houseplant potting mix would work. We usually mix our own, but some of the best looking Crypts I've seen were grown in Miracle-Gro potting soil. I think they said it was the "moisture control" formula, but I'm not sure.

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Hi everyone - A friend of mine who grows beautiful Cryptanthus just uses a commercial African Violet potting mix.

All the best, Nev.

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Wow... so simple. I was imagining a more complex soil recipe. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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