How can you resist

bromaloonieApril 15, 2009

These foliage vriesias

I think they would have to be my second love when it comes to broms after Neos

I took a stack of pics showing down the throat, not for any reason in particular....just stuffin round when they are looking nice and the rain has drawn all their colours out


2.Red Chestnut seedling

3.Kiwi Dusk

4.Kiwi Sunset

5.Kiwi Cream(my fave in the series)


7.? dont know off the top of my head

8.Red Chestnut

9.?dont know off the top of my head


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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Germaine, great to see all of them, but the patterning on that hieroglyphica is something special. Is it a big plant yet? Cheers, Paul

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Beautiful plants Germaine. I am starting to collect a few now but don't know if I will get the colour you have.
Love hieroglyphica. As Paul said, it is something special.

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Hi Germaine - beautiful plants, as usual! Thanks for showing.

#7 maybe Vr saudersii? Those spots are a wee bit more prominent than mine, but the leaves of mine are also a little bit more grey. So it could be as a result of slightly different growing conditions.

#9 definitely Vr fenestralis


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Hi Germaine - Nice collection you have there.

Gotta agree with Paul, that hieroglyphica is really something special and also quite different from the normal ones I have.

All the best, Nev

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WOW Do you really think it looks something special?
It just looks like hieroglyphica to me cause its the only one I have at the moment. It is a 1/4 grown plant im thinking due to the size ive seen them grow in these parts, But it is fairly big i guess.
Well Nev I cant wait to recieve yours and see the difference then...LOL...this will be interesting....hehe

Japie, Yes I think your spot on with those names. They are the kind of names that dont sit at the top of my head fluently...LOL
its always about conditions conditions isnt it. Broms change from town to town practicly

Here is the same plant

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