Does anyone have 'Bingo'?

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 1, 2009

I imagine lots of shouts of "BINGO" in response...but really wonder if anyone has this red double. Just called the not so local nursery and all they are carrying are Red Lion and Bingo. I'm not that into reds, but if this is a lovely bloom, for $7.95 the price might be right.

Please post a photo if you have it. Couldn't find an image online, which is even more strange!!!



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Hey Kristi!

I got Bingo like 2 season's ago and it's a red/orange double. Not double-double like the Nymphs. Medium flowered. I think it is a Brazilian hybrid. I was not really impressed with it and gave it away. But for $7.95, you might want to get one and see for yourself. you might like it though.

I got a supposed to be Gilmar (3 scapes out)in our Walmart for $7.50 yesterday. The hippies were those potted up ones with a pretty pot already. Other varieties were, apple blossom, bolero,orange sovereign and red lion. I'm pretty sure that these potted up hippies are the Brazilian/South American grown ones. You know... "Christmas flowering" varieties just like the SA varieties.

WARNING: These South American hippies and other cheap/bargain hippies are not the cleanest hippies. DO NOT mix with your other hippie collection until you have grown them with leaves and are SURE that they are mites and virus free.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Thanks Maria! Honestly, I searched Google for amaryllis Bingo and flipped...and nothing showed up, which I thought was strange. I'm not so fond of the reds. I have several and am more interested in the other colors, although I'd be hard pressed to give up my Benfica, Red Pearl, Ferrari, Black Pearl, etc...even my old Red Lion.

Good info about the South American hippis.

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Here it is Kristi. Bloomed in May,2008. Somebody in DG commented that I am lucky I got mine to bloom. Some of them who purchased this at the same time as I did didn't even get to see it's flowers. Bummer huh!?!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Thanks for posting the photo Maria. You're right, hmmmm....maybe if I am down in the Heights for lunch I'll buy one, but I am not driving 70 miles (RT) just to buy this bulb.


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mariava stated good advice regarding isolating new or possible infected bulbs. I have had to do that over the past few years to eliminate any bugs and virus'. It cost some blooms and I had to throw out some otherwise healthy bulbs; but it's nice to have a clean collection. All my new bulbs go into quarantine for a year, and I mix systemic pesticide and fungicide into potting mix and watering can. Regarding virus', the Entire pot and plant are carefully placed in in a heavy duty trash bag and disposed of... Plants around the infected plant go into quarantine for a year. It's my understanding that Crinum can be carriers of hippeastrum potyvirus.

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