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bromaloonieApril 1, 2009

Howdy Everyone.

Just thought I might ask about my newly hanging pot of pups here

A couple of weeks ago I potted up a hanging basket of pups, one happened to be a Chantinii pup that was looking nice and light in colour. Ive hung this basket under a citrus tree that recieves a little bit of light. But after seeing the colours in the Aechmea Chantinii changing im getting a little worried that its recieving to much sun!

Should I be worried? Is it going to burn? Our sun now is heading into winter time and should get less heat in it through the day. if it was coming into summer then I would remove it but I just dont know if too much sun on this guy is going to be a bad thing.

How much sun does everyone elses Chantinii broms get?

To be truthful, i do like this new colour its getting but just dont want it to be bad for it.

day 1

after a couple of weeks

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hi loonie

I think you picked the right time of year to move them to more sun. I reckon they will be fine, chantinii looks better in brighter light IMO.



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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Germaine, nice arrangement as always. I'm no great expert on chantiniis - just starting to get a few different ones over the last 18 months or so. But what I have found with even just 4 or 5 of the different clones is that there seem to be quite wide differences in how much light they need to do well.

I have a very black one and a couple of green ones that get a purple blush in strong light (a bit of full early morning sun then around 30% shade) and they look happiest in those conditions. On the other hand, I have another green one ("Stripes on Stripes") that is very strikingly banded in 50-70% shade, but fades into bland yellowish with sunburn spots if I try to put it in the stronger light with the others, with no sign of it developing that overall purplish blush.

Maybe it's the case that the clones that can develop the purplish blush use it as a sunscreen and enjoy the extra solar power they can get. Seems to be what yours is doing. No sign of yellowing-off or sun spots on it - in that second pic it looks great. Be really interesting to see how it turns out! Cheers, Paul

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Well there ya go hey! I did not know it was a brom that could have sun. As you know Ive always been fairly protective of my broms..... lol.....and not letting them out in the jungle.
I did not know that they would get this much light and was taking an incredible risk, but knowing I had a couple more pups of the chantinii available if it happened to burn.

Yes now Im very interested in seeing how it turns out.
Im pretty sure I had a pic of it being a lighter colour then the first one up there but I cant seem to find it in my computer(new computer)But what I have up there is all I can find. oh well.

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You'll find the form of the plant will change in the sun, too. It will become much more tubular and vase-shaped. I kind of like that look, along with the purpler leaves, but it's not the lush "commercial" look that people seem to expect from that species.

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Ahhh yeah I get ya Lisa.
Ive seen that in the stripey aechmea variety. I too like it....hmmmmmm im getting pretty excited about it now...Yay....lol

I was just looking at that basket hanging in the picture there and realised that the Orlandiana is at the back in the shadiest possy and the Chantinii is the one who will get the most sun light soon, as the winter sun streams in on its angle. Maybe if I swung the basket around so that the Orlaniana is on the right side of the pic and the Chantinii is on the left, and the neo at the back. I know the Orlandiana can handle the direct sun no problems.
Im a little weary of moving broms now because their leaves do a twist and the form changes, but i dont think it will hurt much with these Aechmeas.....*running off to twist the basket*...LOL

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Hi Bromaloonie,
What a great contrasting colour combination.

I don't know anything about Chantinii as I don't grow it down here but it would be great if you could post some more pic's of the basket as the plants mature.

All the best, Nev.

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Hey Thanks Nev, I certainly will.
I went out yesterday and got a little bit artistic and changed a few things and added more in that area.
I recently bought an Orlandiana x Mexicana from Blue heeler, and it is a monster fella , im hoping he can recieve a good wod of real sunlight, looks awesome sitting below. Will take shots when im done :-)

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Hi bromaloonie,
I grow mine mounted to a piece of and locate it at my sealing wax palm. It only gets morning and evening sun, not the afternoon sun. Initially most of the leaves were badly burnt. It does look ugly then :-)
Soon it was replaced by pups that take to the shape like what Lisa has described.

Here's a photo to share with.

It looks a bit untidy and untaken care of, but I really like the contrast bandings and its' urn shape.

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Forget the chantinii-----look at the C.renda!!!!

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