Can I keep tillandsia's in a greenhouse?

dextrousApril 30, 2013

Hi, I am ordering a large quantity of tillandsia's soon, and I can't keep them inside. I would like to keep them in a greenhouse like the one below,

But i am unsure if it will be too hot inside there for them.

Also what sort of irrigation system would work for them?

Thanks for any replies and help.

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I think they would cook in there. Is there any air flow?
Shadecloth as a cover would be better.

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What about this one, it seems to have windows for ventilation and more shade, although the plants would be put in a shady area anyway

too much shade?

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Why not outside?

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I am going to be buying 950 air plants so I don't really have a place to put them outside. I just need somewhere to house them. Was planning on putting some racking up inside the greenhouse to just house the plants. Will the second one be okay do you think?

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This type of shade house is what you need.
They can also hang outside on a wire frame to get morning sun.

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Damn, those are expensive! Maybe I'll buy the frame of the ebay one I posted and make up the shadecloth part myself. Hmm


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If you put the shade cloth on yourself use tie wire to attach it to the frame as zip ties will only last a few years.

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If you only want to keep them could use wire shelving on a light steel frame. Its what they use as grow out for raising them. Its how they keep thousands in a relative small amount of room.No need to attach or hang even a single plant. Check out any Tilly growers set up on YouTube.

Cover with a light cloth,cheese cloth..any poly-fiber sold for plants protection from frost or too strong sun.

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950 isn't that many if they are small but housing them to grow long term? Tilly's need air flow as much as they need water and light.

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Greenhouses cook broms. My greenhouse has removable panels and I have to adjust to the seasons with shadecloth and fans. It's tricky. Broms like a good soaking and some good air flow to dry them out.

Often overlooked factor -- your water. When you soak -- use rainwater! Broms don't like chlorinated water. If you live in a low humid area, misting is not enough.

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