Evening orlandianas

paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)April 2, 2009

Evening in the rock garden at a friend's place ... how could I resist

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Oh Oh Oh paul whats the name of the big pink spotty one
Do you know of hand?
its delicious

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Nice shot Paul.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Thanks Gonzer. It was a lot darker than it looks in the photo and the shot was just taken hand-held with the natural light. I was amazed that it came out without being completely blurred and pixelated - although I suppose I did take around twenty shots to get the one useable one. Ain't digital technology wonderful!

These white-based orlandianas are just spectacular as it gets dark - I love sitting out and watching them until they are the only thing that is still visible. Some of the foliage Vrieseas with a lot of white do the same sort of thing. I don't know if it is just the contrast of the white base colour against the dark late evening background, or if maybe they actually flouresce, but whatever it is, they sure stand out.

Germaine, the pink one is a 'Snowflake' as far as I know. It has been grown to that size in full morning sun then dappled shade to get that pink overlay on the white background. The one immediately behind it was an indentical pup off the same mother plant at the same time but it was grown up in approx. 50% shade, so it still has a lot of white. Then it was put out in the rock garden next to the other one, but after 4 months over late summer / autumn , it developed a few dark red "sun stress" patches, but not the overall pink blush. This has been repeated with a few of them - it seems that they only get that really good overall pink if they actually grow up in the full morning sun. If you want a plant of that particular clone, feel free to email me with your address details and I'll put a pup in the mail.

Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul,
Nice effect - Does the plant in front have a varietal name?

Thanks for sharing, all the best, Nev.

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Hi Paul
You are very kind in offering a pup from that lovely "Snowflake" But i would be greedy to say yes as i have one also named "Snowflake"
I do hope that one day mine can look that good but mine is in the shadehouse and always has been....Ive now moved it out to morning sunshine in hope it will look like yours, or at least its pups will look like yours.
Mine has been in the brightest section of the cream shadecloth but never has it ever shown any signs of pink.
I have taken a photo for you to see. It looks very different from yours?

alot of ribbing I did not notice until I took this pic, because the brom lived down low on the ground.

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bromaloonie your plant is "White Knight"

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WOW White Knight?
I like the sound of that...LOL

Hey Paul would you like to swap Pups...LOL????if you dont have a White knight that is

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Germaine, great idea! I've sent you an email to follow up. Here's a few more pics of it growing in different conditions

Growing hard in deep shade - still pretty but in a different way

In dappled shade in the garden, probably average around 50% shade

Grown in the shadehouse, 30% shade

The pink plant from the evening picture, but in normal light - grown in full morning sun

A ring-in - also nice and pink - a Vr Red Chestnut growing just behind the orlandianas in the morning sun spot

Another ring-in. This one is a pot-pest. Collar is sort-of pink, but not sure about the "nice" bit .....

Cheers, Paul

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Hey love that last one....LOL

All your other snowflake shots show how varied one plant can be depending on their lighting position...WOW...Certainly morning light is far greater than anything else in my opinion

Got ya email Paul, yep sounds like a nice idea

will catch up soon, after easter


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