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rickta66(Brisbane)April 8, 2010

Neo pascoalinea - I like this one, light banding with teeth.

Neo Pink Sensation'

Neo Fairy Floss

Ae. distichantha x chantinii - I almost thought it may not have any chantinii in it but there is faint banding.

Portea silveirae

Vr. foesteriani siedliana rubra

Vr.ospinae var. gruberi - my fistt grub

Vr. Megan

Ae. blanchetiana red form - I've heard that a lot of red form blanchs in Aus are actually hybrids, I suppose I'll find out when it flowers.



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Nice haul, Rick! I'm not sure about some of the names, though. The one you have tagged as "Fairy Floss" looks more like Pink Sensation than the one you have tagged as PS. I don't know Fairy Floss, but the FCBS photo shows a marmorated plant which doesn't look like anything you've got there (see link below). The paler pink one could be Michi (or even Haole Girl, although I'm not sure that one has made it across the pond yet).

I'd be interested to see the bloom on the "blanchetiana red form" too. Offhand, I don't know of any true red-leafed (as opposed to orange-leafed) form of that species, but I do have a hybrid seedling with red leaves, which seems to have gotten very widely disseminated thanks to another grower I once gave a pup to. I'd be curious to see if that is in fact what some people have been referring to as "red blanchetiana". It's hard to say from just the foliage, but the inflo is pretty distinctive.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Rick when you said you made afew purchases I never would have guessed so many.
I love the Neo pascoalinea and your Vriesea's so I'll put my pup order in now.....:)

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Hi Rick,

Wow! when you go shopping you sure do it proprtly. That's a nice haul but I'll bet it gave the old bank balance a bit of a rattle.

My favourites are the Portea silveirae and the two Neo's.

Thanks for sharing.

All the best, Nev.

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Lisa, I'm wondering if my 'red form' is from your original plant. No mention of hybrid though from the seller. Normal inflo. There's a yellow form in the foreground so I'd hafta say it's more red than yellow.

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If it looks like a normal blanchetiana bloom, Gonz, then it's not mine. The red-leafed (mulfordii x blanchetiana?)hybrid has a very sparse inflo.

Theory #2: I have a feeling that what a lot of people are calling "red" may be what we know as 'Orange', which is used quite a bit in landscaping here. Sometime when I'm not too busy I'll go around and try to get some pics of it in people's yards, hotels, etc. The Yellow/Lemon form is used here too, but not quite as much.

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Lisa, I've noticed that the "normal" blanchetiana will readily self set seeds while the dark orange version I have does not. I'd guess that your hybrid also does not self. I've also had very little luck crossing or using the quite nice pollen from my blanchetiana. I do have one decent sized seedling growing from a single seed that was taken from my blanchetiana, but it wasn't a cross that I did. None of the crosses that I ever did produced any viable seeds.

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Rick, your pascoaliana should self set lots of seeds for you. I was at a friend's house this week and we plucked a few ripe seed pods from his pascoaliana and they were full of seeds. The ripe seed pods will be white.

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Nice broms Rick.Love sensation and fairy floss.
Hannibal is doing great.

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Rick, my apologies for getting off topic with your post. I just picked up my first grub too a month ago. Funny how you see photos of certain plants year in and out only to realize you ain't got one!

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Thanks everybody.

Lisa - you are right about me mixing up the names on the two pink neos, the lighter pink one is tagged "Pink fairy floss" - I guess it is unreg or a new release down here from Olive.

Nick, I look forward to growing out some seeds on pascoaliana.

Gonzer, do what you like with my posts, the only thing that has upset me is the possibility that I may have bought another mulfordii x blanchetiana? hyb by mistake.



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