Tillys for SoCal Desert Garden?

epiphyte78(9)April 22, 2010

Hi Folks,

My front yard here in Glendale, CA is packed with a wide variety of drought tolerant plants. I'm running out of horizontal space but would like to try a few Tillandsias in two of my Palo Verde trees. The trees really wouldn't provide any shade and during the hottest days of summer I water once every 5-7 days in the evening. So pretty much full with water once a week.

I probably have around 20 different Tillandsia species but don't need much of an excuse to pick up some new ones. Speaking of which, if anybody in the SoCal area is interested in trading I have several extras. Here are a few off the top of my head...

aeranthos (dozens in bloom)



butzii (a couple large clumps)

capillaris Pitchfork





...plus perhaps another handful of NOIDs.

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Oh boy, the options seem endless. I'll wait for Gonzer to pitch in, but I would think you could go anywhere from the 'boring' recurvata (way underrated in my mind although might like a little more shade), duratii might work, tectorum, heteromorpha (or probably anything in the tectorum complex), ehlersiana (great large bugger), and cacticola of course. I'll see if I can think of anything else...

Are you going to the La Ballona show? If so, I might have a ehlersiana pup big enough to trade. I have mine in almost full sun and it is getting a nice blush to it. I'll grab a picture and post later...

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Purpurea and tectorum are great. Xerographica, rotundata, paleacea, myosura, editheae are some others. Bergeri is your best plant to indicate when moisture is needed as the leaves turn inwards. As long as the plants get a couple of showers from a hose each week you could pretty much grow the majority of the grey-leafed species. Glendale's climate is fairly nice. I agree with Andy in that recurvata gets a bum rap, I love 'em.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Cacticola, ehlersiana, purpurea and rotundata have been added to my want list...I'm pretty sure I have the rest.

This is the first I've heard of the La Ballona show...but it looks pretty neat. Guess I could go to the LA Arboretum show on Friday and the La Ballona show on Saturday. If either of you have time after the show you're welcome to check out my collection...I'm only a few minutes from the 5 freeway.

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The show's a wee bit far for me, I have an extreme distaste for driving. My collection is always open for a visit if you're down this way in Oceanside.

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Hmm, I'm hitching a ride so I'll have to check with the driver. I haven't been to that show yet, and I'm going with a judge so I'm going to clerk and check out both the brom and cactus & succulent show. No clue when we are going to take off though. I'm down in SD, its even a longer ways for me than Gonzer. But gotta see what the people up in LA have to show off!

Oh and some other tillies...I love chiapensis. Ixioides and albida I think could do well. Bigger things like jalisco-monticola probably would love it. Ok, I'll stop there before I drag on too long. Ha ha.

I'll send you a private message if it looks like I might be able to swing by...

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