Long stalks coming from nidularium innocentii var. lineatum

fab_foliageApril 11, 2013

I was given a nidularium innocentii var. lineatum(?) pup as a 'gift' with a bunch of other broms bought on ebay and it's shot up in height and is now shooting out 5 long stalks that would be about 50cm or so long. A couple of the stalks have taken root in the mulch but the others are just hanging in the air over the edge of a retaining wall. I'm assuming these are going to grow into pups, but it seems odd that they're so far away from the mother plant??? I haven't seen any photos or been able to find any information about propagation of this species on the web.

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Are you sure they are coming from that plant as it doesn't pup like that.

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I'm 99% sure they're from that plant as none of the other broms around it would pup like that either, but I'll pull the pot out of the garden and take a better photo of the plant on its own tomorrow.

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Yep, my nidularium thinks it's an octopus! Unless it's not a nidularium after all???

It does look a bit tall and scraggly like it's reaching for more light but it's kept under shadecloth which most of my broms need to avoid frying in the hot SE QLD sun.

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Well, it turns out it's not a bromeliad after all - it looks more like a variegated form of Callisia fragrans. Interesting!

I think I'll take it out of the brom garden and put it in a hanging basket :)

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