Is this an unusual T. ionantha?

rufino(z10 Florida)April 12, 2011


I have a plant that looks like, and is the same size as, Tillandsia ionantha. However, when it flowers, it remains green and the leaves do not assume the red colors that are typical of a flowering T. ionantha. Does anyone know if there is a species that is similar to T. ionantha but blooms without the leaves becoming red? Or is my plant an unusual T. ionantha? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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There are (at my count) at least 15-20 different forms of ionantha. Yes, some do not blush when blooming while others hold a blush without flowering.

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rufino(z10 Florida)


Thank you for the ID. It makes perfect sense because the plant is identical to my other T. ionantha plants except for the lack of a red blush.

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