Brom colour loss in 4 weeks?

geebusApril 4, 2010

Hi Garden Webbers

For those that have already answered some of my other questions a very big thank you and a few updates! I have pupped, cleaned, potted, planted and positioned all my broms in the last couple of months after moving into a new house and finding a huge range already installed in the gardens. However one has me stumped, i potted it after it was found sitting under a tree in the middle of the backyard and its gone from this...

To This!

Its now on the back balcony sitting in thick shade under a tree fern & it's been VERY wet the last 6 weeks or so. Have i sheltered it from the sun too much or will this happen as the weather cools in Queensland?

In other news I have some pics from the BSQ Easter Show that I will post in another thread and I have somehow managed to get some seeds to shoot in my greenhouse (first attempt) thanks to Nev's awesome PDF guide!



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Hi Gordon
Yes the lack of sun caused the loss of shock. If you fertilized the plant that will do it also. The problem is now you must slowly re-introduce the plant to the higher sunlight or it will burn.

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I figured as much, its catching a few afternoon rays as the sun dips but obviously not enough to keep its colours up! I will have to shuffle it about a bit and see what results I can get with time. Was scared of burning everything so I thought I would play it safe and shade most stuff I found in the yard when we moved in, sounds like I have been too conservative!

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I just read all the information on fertilisers I could find and have probably made this situation worse by feeding him a quarter strength dose of a fish emulsion type mix, sprayed on to leaves thoroughly. Rookie mistake by the sounds! I will have to give him a good wash and start with an hour of afternoon sun ASAP! Will post more pics if there is any change over a few weeks (cross fingers!)


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The fish emulsion is good and when learning fertlizers use 1/10th strength if in doubt. Just dont foliar feed in full sun.

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Hi Gordon,

I agree with everything HDD said and would just like to add that you should also study the N.P.K. rating on all fertilizer containers.

Be wary of fertilizers with high nitrogen ratings, as they will give you good growth but will also rob the colour from your Neo's.

If in doubt as to what you should use, there is a chap in Qld who makes a fertilizer especially formulated for bromeliads. You could probably contact him via one of the Bromeliad Societies.

All the best, Nev

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Gordon, if you'd like to know how to thoroughly screw up your plants with fertilizer look no further, I'm your man. Luckily the plants regained their colors. From now on it's a bread and water diet for 'em.

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Evening All.

Thanks for the notes HDD, I will be sure to stay out of the sun when I'm spraying it around! I will probably revert to the NPK balanced stuff that Nev is talking about, there is an old thread in here where Lisa & others discussed at length the problems of high nitrogen ferts and spoke of 'Wolfgang' and where to find him! I will give that a shot I think. For now they have had a half strength feed as I have taken every other bit of food of them in the last few weeks with the moving & pupping & cleaning. Gonzer I hope I haven't just created a whole sea of green with the Charlie Carp as seems to be the worst case scenario!


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If your Neo is looking for a name, I have seen Red Gold looking like both of your pictures.


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I have a tag for a Red Gold in the backyard! One of many I found in a large pile around the greenhouse from the old owner. I will for now refer to it as such, the fact it had gone totally green had me think I was losing my mind. :) Red Gold it is.

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