Minerva? maybe not

jungle87(Southern Illinois, 6b, 7a)November 22, 2012

So My Minerva has bloomed it might be a mislabel as its throat is not white really do the colors change as the bloom ages? What do you think?

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Most definitely not Minerva. I can't really tell what you have though but I'm sure someone will have a good guess.
I know a lot of folks find Minerva mundane but I still love her!

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I've been poking around the web a lot, and it seems to me as though there are a few different renditions of what we know as "Minerva"... though the solid red pictured above is not one of those, of course.

A Red Lion, possibly... which is a very common variety. There are many solid reds out there, some named and some home grown garden oldies. Did you purchase it at a store or through a bulb company?

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jungle87(Southern Illinois, 6b, 7a)

No I purchased it from Wal-mart and I also bought a red lion but the red lion looks identical to this "minerva"? except its much shorter to me it doesn't look like "red lion" in form and the throats on both have traces on white and its not as deep a red as red lion, also I though red lion had a darker red colored throat? I think?

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Do you think you could have an Amigo? I don't have one but it looks somewhat like pictures I have seen with the white in the throat.

And Jodi, I have found too that there are different renditions of Minerva out there. I have two and they are very different. The picture above has the biggest white throat which leads me to question whether or not it is actually Mambo?


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I'd have to dig through my thousands of photos, but if I'm not mistaken, that looks more like the old Minerva I had. I'll see if I can do some digging later and find out for sure.

As to the red flowered bloom... it seems Walmart has a reputation of buying from a supplier lacking in quality control. But then, Walmart isn't about satisfying consumers or employees... and that's all I'll say, or we'll be delving into politics and greed and things I don't really want to talk about.

On the other end, some growers use temporary help to sort and package bulbs for bulk shipments going overseas to the USA, so... mistakes do happen.

We take our chances, I suppose, and we often get what we pay for? Even though it isn't a Minerva, it's still a nice bloom, and enjoyable in its own right. :-)

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jungle87(Southern Illinois, 6b, 7a)

Jodik- Yeah I work for wal-mart they do lots of screwy things, lol. This is not the first time iv got a bulb from walmart and it was not what it was supposed to be.
Dondelux- I think it might be a Amigo or possibly something similar. I also think it might be "Cantate" it is listed on emaryllis though it is not a registered variety. My plants have the same kind of wrinkles in the petals and the faint white throat.

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jungle87(Southern Illinois, 6b, 7a)

This one was supposed to be "red lion" almost identical to the one above that was supposed "minerva". They are both very similar to "Cantate" I provided a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: emaryllis

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It does sort of resemble Cantante...

It's rather difficult to tell for certain... there are so many varieties, both named and unnamed, in red... and then there's the slight differences in lighting, cameras, etc...

Either way, it's a pretty red.

I believe this is my original Minerva... don't quote me, though, as I have had more than one. But I think this is she...

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jungle87(Southern Illinois, 6b, 7a)

Nice, very pretty. I think there are a lot of unknown varieties out there and variations, probably people selling cross bred seedlings as a named cultivar. Who knows I guess the mystery can be a good thing for finding new varieties.

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The way I look at it is... it's a bloom you get to enjoy! And if it blooms in consecutive seasons, that's more enjoyment!

Sure, it's a bit disappointing to want a specific variety, and think that's what you're getting... but these bulbs are so popular again that it's getting to be a crap shoot buying them at the big box stores, as we say.

I've stopped collecting everything in sight. At first, it was like an addiction, and I had to have every one I saw! But now, I will only buy something I really, really want... and I'll save my pennies and get it through a known source.

I'll always have a soft spot for Minerva, though... :-)

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