Scadoxus Multiflorus Toxicity

sun_worshiper(FL 9b)November 25, 2012

Hi all. I know these plants are poisonous. I have no worries about accidentally eating one. My question is regarding whether or not they can transmit toxins to nearby edibles? I would like to plant them under my lemon tree (right side of pic).

I want to know if the toxicity of the bulbs might be transferred into the fruit (lemons in this case)?

Any thoughts? Anybody tried it?

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I would have to look it up, but I've never heard of such a thing happening. I plant herbs and veggies among all manner of plants in perennial borders, and I've never had any issues.

In fact, my guess would be that planting them thus might keep away critters that would otherwise want to munch on your edibles.

But since I'm not 100% certain, it might bear a bit of Googling...

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Thanks Jodi. That's what I'm hoping - that it will keep moles away from my planting beds=)

I have googled quite a bit, and not seen anything regarding proximity to edibles. If anyone finds such data, please post a link, I'd be very interested in reading it.

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Speaking of moles... we had the very worst infestation of the beasties, and the barn cats don't seem to want to hunt them. There is a pair of giant owls that live in the woods across the road, and they hunt at night... but there are simply too many moles. They were actually uprooting newly planted roses and other things, and making a general mess of the yard and gardens.

They don't actually eat roots, but they do damage to them by tunneling. They're after the worms and grubs that live underground.

Your best bet is to buy the expensive mole trap. The cheaper ones don't work. I can't recall the name of it... but it was not cheap! It does work, though! My husband caught 17 moles... really BIG moles... within a week's time!

They also make these fake looking worms that are poison. They kind of resemble gummy worms. Wear gloves, and do not touch any part of one to your body, or you will feel sick. But they also work.

The key is to find a main run, or main tunnel, poke a small hole down into it, and gently push in the worm... or set the trap over a main run... and wait for results. Those are the only two ways I know to get rid of them.

This year, we're inundated with field mice! Yuck!

If it's not one thing... it's something else! :-)

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Thanks for the info on moles! Luckily my problem isn't nearly that bad. I see occasional disturbed areas. I've tried the spray stuff - doesn't work at all. Might be time to try another technique. Field mice - maybe you need a cat?

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I am, unfortunately, allergic to cats... I'd love to have one indoors. I'm not sure a cat would get along with our dogs, or if just one would do the giant job needed, anyway!

We live way out in the boonies, on a large farmette/estate that we help caretake. There are horses, goats, dogs, and a multitude of buildings, garden areas, and fenced yards that require maintaining. Rodents are part of living out in the country, so we've had to go the chemical route and use a product that isn't residual in the rodents once ingested, but will destroy them before they destroy feed, insulation, wiring, and anything else rodents like to chew, eat, or use for nesting material. We use Hawk pellets in little envelopes. We slide them under things and in areas that the horses, goats, dogs, and barn cats can't reach, and the job is done... with the unique exception of tiny corpse removal.

If I lived in the city or suburbia, one cat might do the trick... but we'd need a HERD of hungry cats to tackle this mouse country club!

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

A herd of cats - that makes me laugh! Definitely sounds like more than a one cat job though=)

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You wouldn't believe the number of mice that have come inside the various buildings to get out of the cold! I'm used to mice, having lived in the county the majority of my life... but this year is unlike any I've ever seen, number-wise! It's obscene!

There are some barn cats wandering around, but they're fickle creatures... they hunt at their leisure, and of course, we have to provide them some cat feed, so... there's just no way around it. I have to help in the elimination of the little rodent type critters. Ah, well... such is life in the country!

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