some colour before winter

avane_gwApril 25, 2009

It's this time of the year again here on the Southern tip of Africa when most of the colour will disappear from most Neoregelias planted in the garden. And today is a typical Winter's day for us here in Cape Town. Totally overcast with soft rain almost constantly for the whole day and the light level is very low. Cold and wet and grey! So I decided to colour up my life by taking some pictures in the rain (had to use a flash) before too much colour is gone.

But, first a picture for Kerry. I got a Ae Sangria a-m with very little variegation and now it gave me this pup with too much variegation! And there is a regular Sangria in the back.

And while on Aechmea's, here is my Ae Shelldancer flowering for the first time:

And some Neoregelias.

Neo Barbarian

Neo Irene

Neo Lambert's Pride

Neo Rainbow

Neo Sun King x Painted Lady

Neo Strawberry

Neo carolinae hybrid

Neo macwilliamsii

No colour, but I like the fresh look of them:

Guz Georgia and Vr Raphael

Vr Margarita

Vr Sunset

Vr RoRo and Highway Beauty


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Exceptional Japie!

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Hi Japie,
Yes conditions are much the same here in New Zealand even the falling rain all day, love that Ae Sangria variegated form + the Vr Margarita & N Carcharodon 'Rainbow' good pics in the rain.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Japie, some lovely colour before winter indeed. That variegated Ae. Sangria is really something special, and that Rainbow is inspirational!!! Thanks for the pics. Cheers, Paul

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Great looking plants, the attached link below has an interesting article from John Catlin about encouraging varigation by placing the varigated leaf towards the sun to encourage varigated pupping - this was how he created Ae. Aztec Gold.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bromeliaceae Jul/Aug05

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Hi Japie - Winter might be just around the corner, but you still have a fantastic colour parade of beautiful plants.

Thanks for sharing your pic's with us, all the best, Nev.

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Hi Japie,
Thanks for the autumn colour hit! - and great to see the colour in your variously variegated Sangrias. I thought all Sangrias were variegated, but obviously not. I hope mine will eventually look like yours, colour-wise. What is the difference then between Ae. Sangria and Ae. fasciata var. purpurea?

I also just love your Neo Rainbow - fantastic! All your broms look like they are in ideal conditions to bring out their best, and great photos :).
I'm also looking forward to Vr. Margarita becoming available in Oz - or is it already...anyone?


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Thanks to all of you for the nice comments!

Kerry, as far as I know, Aech Sangria is a select clone of of fasciata var purpurea. And the Sangria a-m is still not a very 'stable' variegated plant - thus the almost albino pup that I got. But your one that you just got, looks very close to being 'settled'! I find all the Sangrias - plain or variegated - do best with a little bit of direct sun and then bright light for the rest of the day, to ring out their best colour. And apparently you also get better colour if you feed them a bit. I hit mine about once a months with a half strength foliar feed - low nitrogyn and high potash.


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Great growing tips - thanks Japie!

K :)

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