Neo of some sort

donstrApril 8, 2009

Hi all. Brand new to posting in this forum. I got into bromeliads through the frog hobby. We put smaller Neos in our vivariums for poison dart frogs to deposit their tadpoles into.

I picked this up from another frog guy and would like to know if anyone has any idea what it might be other than just a Neo.

and this is one of the parent. It only has 3 leaves left but I thought it might help in identifying it.

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome Don

The pups say Neoregelia lilliputiana or a hybrid thereof....


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Hi donstr - Welcome to our friendly forum. Could you tell us the height of the plant in the pic. please.

Thanks, all the best, Nev.

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The parent is 6 inches tall and the pups are just about 3 inches.

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Hi donstr and everyone

I'm not an expert, but I reckon your plant is too large for Neo. lilliputiana and I think it's probably too large for a lilliputiana hybrid as well, but then on the other hand, stranger things have happened with hybrids.

I'll plug for an ampullacea or tigrina hybrid; anyway, see what the experts have to say.

Have a safe and happy Easter everyone, all the best, Nev.

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