Orthophytum navioides

bryan69April 4, 2009

Check out the varigated leaves. could this be the sign of things to come or is this normal with this plant

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No, I've never seen O. nav. do that! Keep an eye on that plant, Bryan. I'm not seeing much in the upper leaves, so it may outgrow it, but any pups coming out of that lower portion with the variegation are likely to be at least partially variegated. It may take a few generations to get a stable clone.

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I am wondering if the varigation will develope on the new leaves as they mature. there are a few on the otherside up higher.

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anyone have any idea if orthophytum navioides is available in Australia. Have been told no..... and am desperately seeking one

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Hi Guys
Yes they are around, just ring around the more well known growers.

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As we are new to collecting we don't really know the names of well known growers. Is there a chance you could ellaborate on any please?

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