Oh, The Horror of It All

cactusmcharrisJanuary 18, 2011

Three Mamms, with a glufer of a flower (not even the correct colour or shape/size) and carefully-sprayed-on light adhesive on the river-pebble top dressing. Yech.

Ghastly, yet the irony of me, a cactophile, getting one...well, God does have a sense of humour, eh?

I intend to find out from the ladies who gave this to me where they purchased it from. Then my attorneys (Dewey, Cheatam and Howe) will be contacting the store and demanding that they sell these sorts of plants with an advisory label of something like 'This isn't a real flower and we sure chose a cheesy way of planting them together'. Hey, it's Canada, it's almost Human Rights Commission-worthy.

And yet, does not one find beauty in the world when one can look for it? Zeus (l) and Emma, resting from their labours. This photo is plant-connected because the garbage can on the left contains thawing potting soil and manure - yum, yum, there's going to be some repotting in the ol' town soon.

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It is a real flower, but not a cactus flower. It is a dried straw flower;probably Helichrysum bracteatum.

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Oh, I just love those glued on straw flowers! Especially when I try to rip them off, tear off a chunk of the cactus or leave the glue behind. Exactly how do they get that pebble stuff so stuck together? Its kind of like the stuff around pools.

It IS Canda, you can probably get a grant or federal funding.

Thankfully the plants are now in a secure location.
Tally HO!

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I didn't know that it was a real flower - I did know that it wasn't a Mammillaria flower. I'm in Kamloops - where are you?


I think it's spray adhesive, but it wasn't complete - the reason you don't get a picture of it completely upside down.

Remember that Canada is the country with the Conservative gubmint.

Yep, the plants are on a no-fly list.

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I've noticed that a lot of Mamms seem quite happy to start flowering within a store. Yet they still have straw flowers glued to them. So you end up with this confusing situation where you've got a bunch of real flowers and then this huge fake straw flower that looks nothing like the real ones.

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I'm in West Kelowna.

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