New to Broms Need advice

Linda's Garden z6 UtahApril 5, 2009

Hey everyone, I am new to broms and I have a couple of noid neo's and guzmania that I just purchased at the local nursery. And I have to say after looking at some of the BEAUTIFUL pictures that people have posted here, I definetly want some more!I live in northern Utah and I plan on growing them outside for the summer and bringing them in the house for the winter months. I have a few questions about growing them. When I put them outside, should they be in full shade or can they take some early morning or late evening sun? Also what is the low mimimum temp that they can take? Our temps here should be warming up quite a bit within a month or so and I would like to put them out as soon as it is safe. I was also wondering if you fertilize and if so, what do you use and how often?Thanks again for posting all your beautiful pictures! I really enjoy looking at them. Linda

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Generally Neos with soft green leaves prefer low light/morning sun, coloured Neos with tough leathery leaves will tolerate a lot more sun. Most Neos like moring sun. Your Neos shouldn't need fertilising, a good free draining potting mix will keep them healthy.

I don't grow a lot of Guzs, they generally would require less light than the Neos and would favour a shadier position. I have read that you can use a little potash to encourage flowering.

See the link below for some Cold hardiness info.

If you post some pictures I'm sure you will get some more detailed advice.

It is worth going back through the old posts here, there are some very informative topics here.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bromeliad Cold hardiness

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Hey Rick, Thanks for answering my questions, I really appreciate it and it was very helpful. Especially the info on the cold hardiness. Seems like they are hardier than I thought they would be. I really like the neo's but there really isn't much of a selection at the nursery's where I live. I did buy a couple on Ebay yesterday and was wondering if anyone else has suggestions on where to buy them.

Thanks again!

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Hello, I am new to the world of Cryptanthus. I'm hopeing that someone can tell me the correct name for a "trailing
Cryptanthus"? Or some that it might be. Thanks

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Linda A good source for collectors is Michael's Bromeliads (link below)There are many more than just the photo's shown. There is a downloadable list under the"our collection" tab
Cryptathus 'Cascade'

Here is a link that might be useful: Micheal's

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Hotdiggetydam, Thanks for the info, I looked at Michaels website and I just want to say WOW! How will I ever choose a few to order? There are so many choices.  I did get the 2 that I ordered off ebay today and I potted them in a mixture of orchid bark, perlite, and some potting soil. I hope that is ok. One of them had some roots growing and the other one did not. Anyone know how long it takes for the roots to start growing?Thanks again, Linda

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Keep the ones with no roots on the dryish side...temperatures usually dictate how fast the roots grow,,,most with have some small roots in 2 weeks but until they show signs of growth don't over water. Any well draining soil is usually good. Once the crypts root don't let them dry out in the growing season

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