Lowes 'Desire'

Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))November 20, 2010

Hi everyone. I'm an amaryllis/hippeastrum newbie who's only grown (and killed) a few 'Red Lion' and 'Apple Blossom' before this year. They always matched the package.

I was amazed by the selection in my local big box stores this year and decided to come here, read up, and see whether I could grow one of these pretties properly.

My local Lowes has a similar selection to what many of you are describing. First to arrive were the $5.98 boxes with the plastic non-draining pot and the peat puck. I bought two 'Christmas Story' in those to pot together in one large clay pot. Decided that would be all I'd buy. When the smaller boxes arrived weeks later I bought one 'Susan' and one 'Oskar' in the $3.98 box. Someone gifted me with a 'Zombie.' I decided that five was plenty and I was done. Really.

And then I went back to Lowes yesterday with my boyfriend to buy plastic film kits to insulate our windows. Uh-huh. Lowes moved the indoor bulb display to the store entrance. This cutie on the top rack had a half-open bloom sticking out of the box. It was the last $3.98 'Desire' package. Of course it had to come home with me. I showed the cashier the scar on the stem where it had scraped the box, pointed out that this 'gift box' would no longer close and the bulb wouldn't bloom again next month so it was now unsuitable for gift giving, and asked if she would give me a discount. She made a quick phone call, and sold it to me for $1.50. Sweet! I noticed that the 'Desire' box has photos of two quite different flowers. The 'Oskar' and 'Red Lion' photos are of the same flower. I'll be amazed if *any* of these bulbs match their labels. Just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. If I was buying anything other than flower bulbs I'd be quite angry if I got something other than indicated by the package. And I'll be upset if the hardy bulbs I planted outside aren't true to label. But since I didn't have any other hippi's I'll be happy with whatever blooms, provided they are healthy.

Would anyone like to venture a guess as to what I have here? I know ID from a photo is difficult. These pictures were taken indoors in natural daylight. It doesn't match any of the pictures of "Desire" I've seen. I don't see the lavender tones cindeea mentioned for 'Donau' so I'm guessing it's one of the many other varieties I've never heard of. I love the radiant coral-pink color and the small scale of this nameless one and will enjoy it even if it remains nameless.

Thank you to all of you for your beautiful photos and helpful tips and stories. After reading through some of the older posts I feel like I can at least keep these babies alive.


PS - I have still not mastered posting photos directly in a message, so here are two links to my flickr pics of "not-Desire."


Here is a link that might be useful: lovely mystery hippi

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Hi Edie,

OOOh What a Lovely story!! And, what a beautiful color on your hippie, but I can't ID it, I'm sure someone will though, it really is a beautiful coral just like you say... glad you're enjoying it and glad you bought some more!!


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Edie, I'm afraid there's no turning back. You say 5 is plenty, then after they've bloomed you'll be looking for more ;-) And part of the thrill is getting them at a great price. Welcome, you're among friends!


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Hi Guys,

Do you think that this could be another "Donau"?


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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

Josh, I've been looking at lots of pictures trying to figure out if this is "Donau." I also bought a Lowes "Susan" because I was smitten by the pictures posted by "Donau" owners here.

I think several of the "Donau" pictures I've seen look just like my "not-Desire," but the descriptions of the color don't match what I have. I've seen "Donau" described as "cerise," "raspberry," "lavender hues," and "smokey pink magenta." Perhaps it's a difference in word usage. To me, these terms all suggest a cool toned, blue-pink flower, like the image cindeea captured. My hippi is now a richer, darker shade than when it first opened, but still a warm toned, radiant coral rose. No cool tones. Maybe it (she?) is not done changing color. I have grown a pulmonaria which has flower buds that open pink but mature to blue. Do some hippeastrums do that?

Alana - I have had non-specific CHAD for years and I'm already making a mental wish list for more amaryllis. :-)
I'm happy to be welcomed so warmly.


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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

I agree the color and size seem to scream Donau....it's difficult being it is stressed and distorted, but it looks most like My Donau than anything else. It really does show the raspberry tones in your photos, Edie. Donau is a sweet bulb. Mine was also a mislabel 3 yrs ago and I love it.

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Colors are variable, it depends on lighting, humidity, temp and about a million other things! I agree with Cindee that your NOID is a match for "Donau" ;)


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