I got a new phone

kuroc(z8 AR)January 26, 2014

I just got a galaxy S4 active. I wanted to test posting a pic with it.
Here is a pic of my plant stand. Tell me if it is sideways.

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No, just sagging!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

LOL, yep! What a cute little forest of cute little plants!

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Looks great!!

Kiroc- would you share your light setup I'm interested in doing the same next season as my plants are struggling every year when I bring them in sorry to butt in but I'm curious as to what your doing

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kuroc(z8 AR)

My light setup is three of those shoplights from walmart. Word of warning the ballasts in them can burn up fast. I bought five of them and two of them burnt out on me.
There are two on the middle shelf and one up top for my seedlings.
Next month I'm replacing the lights on the middle shelf with 4 clamp lights with 105 watt 6500k cfl's in the them. I'm getting the bulbs off amazon for 52 dollar for the four of them.

Then I'm going too move the two lights from the middle shelf to the top so I can grow more seedlings.

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I buy my shop lights at Home Depot. Never had a ballast problem. You have a nice set up!

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Pop a couple Fulham workhorses' in the fixtures and let er' eat!


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I'd like to see a picture of your whole shelf, as I'd like to do something akin to this! Looks like you have a fun collection!

A question on the lights: do you find that it matters whether you use grow lights vs. ordinary shop lights? Or are they the same?

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kuroc(z8 AR)

Grow lights are no diffent then shop lights as long as you use the right bulbs.

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