Bulb broke dormancy early, what to do?

rabbithole2020November 18, 2010

I purchased an Amaryllis bulb, planted it in a pot and forced it to bloom indoors during Christmas time. It was beautuful. After it bloomed I kept it indoors in front of a South facing window as a houseplant. It grew three leaves after the flowers died back and went dormant in the Winter. It didn't bloom the second year but sprouted leaves instead, so I put it outside and it grew several (6) healthy looking leaves in full sun. I cut back water little by little in September and brought the bulb indoors late October where I kept it in a dark bathroom that gets to about 60 degrees. The bulb lost it's leaves and went dormant for 2 weeks. Recently it started sprouting new leaves.

Now I'm not sure what to do...

Should I expect it to bloom this year? My idea was to remove it from the pot and trim dead roots and hope it goes back into dormancy. Should I let it continue to grow the new leaves? Currently there is one leaf that is about 1 1/2 inches and a second one starting to poke out despite it being completely dark.

Outside the tempertures drop to 40-50 (Zone 9). Was it better for me to leave it outside? I was hoping to get it to bloom this winter.

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Your bulb sounds healthy and mine has also 2 shoots growing fast indoors. The real specialist on this is Kristiboehm on the forum. Ask her, she's even written a little story about it. Good luck you might get a bloom for Christmas.
You can look at my messages on "New shoots in the South of France" on the forum. Best wishes, Jacqui

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I thought I'd provide an update for anyone new to Amaryllis gardening who runs into the experience I did when encouraging a bulb to go dormant. As I stated:

"I cut back water little by little in September and brought the bulb indoors late October where I kept it in a dark bathroom that gets to about 60 degrees. The bulb lost it's leaves and went dormant for 2 weeks. Recently it started sprouting new leaves."

I removed the bulb from the pot and found the medium was still damp. I determined with the temperture indoors and having moisture in the pot, the bulb was confused and started its growing cycle. What I ended up doing was cutting off the sprouting leaves right above the neck of the bulb making sure I was only cutting the leaves not the neck. I rinsed all the soil from the roots and pinched anything that was dead or mushy (not very much). I dried the bulb and cleaned out the pot. I placed the bulb back in its pot (but did not add soil) and let it dry/rest in the cooler garage (40/50 degrees). I checked on the bulb every week and noticed it shriveled a little as it dehydrated. Just last week (2 months later) I started noticing a new flower spike emerging from the center.

I potted the bulb and I'm treating it like I did when I bought it 2 years ago.

I'm excited to report that I passed my first dormancy period with an Amaryllis bulb and can't wait to be reminded of what color the bloom is come Valentine's Day. I think all red.

A new addition to my gardening this year is fertalizing with homemade Worm Tea. Previousely I never fertalized, so I'll be curious to see how my garden perks up and if my Amaryllis rewards me next year.

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Well, Rabbithole, Your bulb must have the will to live...I would never cut off newly sprouting leaves, but since you have and the bulb is sending up a scape, I guess you never know... These bulbs do have a mind of their own, each bulb may have it's own timetable as to when it wants to bloom and send up leaves. I hope you have lovely blooms, but I'd think twice before I cut off new green leaves in the future...JMHO..


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I put 4 bulbs to sleep Sunday, I just checked them and two of them have a little green poking out, should I just leave them where they are or repot them?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Bunnyden....I mean Rabbithole (I feel like I'm talking to Winnie the Pooh's friend), in my "expert opinion"...OK Jacqui, I am laughing aloud(!!!) the bathroom wasn't cool enough, and with the moist medium, it just wasn't ready to go to sleep. HOWEVER, when you made sure it was dry and then put it in the cooler garage (Jacqui...bet she forgot that special blanket) that was just what the bulb needed! And now, it has gone through its much needed rest and is ready to bloom again. Don't fret about it shriveling a bit, the secret ingredient (TLC) will bring it back after it blooms! (time, light, and ....consideration [of nutrients and warmth]).

Jacqui...I haven't done a thing about the book. I have't given up hope...I need to do the pagination just as you suggested, and then start looking for editors again! I would love to get a single drawing for the last page where "Blanca" has awakened...or maybe the page where Blanca is the guest of honor on the Christmas dinner table. Would you be interested in doing something like that?! Email me off list...

HUGS to all our Hippi friends, and the new listers who are discovering our addiction!

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