Aloe I.D + random collection pictures

caligrown(9b)January 15, 2014

Hey all this was a cart jumper I got a couple weeks ago. I think they are seedlings as three of them were stuffed in a 3" pot filled with peat.

Thank you all in advance for any info your able to give me.

I hope you all enjoy.

Regards, Patrick

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Patrick & welcome,

Nice plants you've got there, good pix too. Can't really help w/ the ID, but if for the first Aloe, MAYBE a Striata hybrid.

In future, it'd be helpful if you number your pix, so that folks can refer to any particular one more easily (than saying for example, 3rd down from the top or 5th up from the bottom).

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My guess is aloe saponaria.
It is an underground spreader. Quite good for large areas as the flower shape is interesting. Here is a flower opening.

Here is aloe saponaria roaming in my yard (the low aloes). The greener and taller aloes are aloe ciliaris which is picture number 8 in your montage.

You have some nice plants there.

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Thank you both for the guesses and pictures.

@ pirate_girl- I was going to post i.d's for the rest, but I was short on time.

Here are there I.D's in order from first picture to last.

pic-1 the Aloe in question

pic-2 Pacyhveria gtauca

pic-3 Aloe descoingsii x Gasteria caespitosa

pic-4 Agave parrasana

pic-5 Mammillaria senilis

pic-6 Echeveria Lola

pic-7 Agave fillifera ssp. schidigera "White Stripe"

pic-8 Aloe ciliaris

pic-9 Aloe "Pink Blush"

pic-10 no I.D Aloe hybrid

pic-11 Aloe "Lime Fizz"

pic-12 Aloe "Christmas Carol"

pic-13 Aloe "White Fox"

pic-14 Aloe "Twilight Zone"

pic-15 Echeveria "Perle Von Nurnberg

pic-16 Agave utahensis "Nevada"

pic-17 no I.D's

pic-18 Aloe Vera

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Laura Robichaud
  1. Aloe Donnie...not Christmas Carol.
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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I believe:
3: XGasteraloe 'White Wings'
14: xGasteraloe 'Twilight Zone'
17: Sedum pachyphyllum

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Sorry about the confusion, next time ill clearly label my pictures.

@ Laura- I counted the aloe I needed a I.D on as picture 1, so picture number 12 is most definitely Christmas carol.

@ rosemariero- thank you for the correction on my I.D's.

#3 I got a couple weeks ago and it did not have the proper name just the cross. Every time I see my twilight zone flower or I read about it I always forget to change my labels. The flowers definitely show the Gasterea influence.

Also thank you for the I.D in my communal pot. I usually wont keep I.D's on my more common plants.

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They are beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul Patrick!! Those aloes natively growing o.0

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Can someone please tell me what aloe this is!!??

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It has reddish orange teeth

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tweathers: you need to start a new post

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