Brom Soc of Broward County Show/Sale

mike4284m(z10b Ft. Lauderdale, FL)April 15, 2007

I stopped by the Bromeliad Society of Broward County's show and sale yesterday at Trinity Lutheran Church and took a few pictures for everyone. I tried to include the tags in the pictures but if you can't make them out I did write down names as well. This was the first brom show I've even been too so it was pretty interesting. They had quite a few plants for sale from Tropiflora and from the club's members. I picked up a Neo. 'Domino' and could easily have spent some more dough if I hadn't limited myself.

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Those are excellent photos, Mike! You should submit some of those to FCBS.

I can read some of the names, but if you could just make a numbered list that would be great. What is that last Tiger hybrid with the Award of Merit?

I've never seen Hoh. brachycephala before. Those are the kind of markings that you're never quite sure if it looks diseased or beautiful or both! It's like slices of onyx.

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minibim(FL z10)

I will be picking up one of those Neophytum ' Galatic Warrior', later in the week. The woman with that plant lives around the corner from me. I didn't have a camera with me, but too bad you didn't get a picture of that Aechmea 'Black on Black', very neat plant.

Here are 2 of about the 10 I bought.
This is an unnamed Vreisia hieroglyphic hybrid from Tropiflora.

and this is Guzmania whitmanii

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Is that Hohenbergia for real? I'm with Lisa in the fact that it looks sunburnt(?) or diseased(?) or just plain WOW! Gotta have one.

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Great shots!

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mike4284m(z10b Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I was actually going to apologize for the quality :) I'm going to head over to a show at the Selby in Sarasota next weekend so I'll be sure to bring along the camera.

1. Ae. orlandiana 'Gold Tone'
2. Ae. correia-araujoi
3. L: Dykia 'Red', R: Dykia fosteriana? "Hybrid" (was marked that way)
4. Orthophytum saxicola
5. Dykia 'Cherry Coke'
6. xNeophytum 'Galactic Warrior'
7. Neo. 'Chocolate Bar'
8. Neo. 'Milagro'
9. Neo. 'Raspberry Ripple'

  1. Neo. 'Hannibal Lector' x red tip concentrica
  2. Neo. 'Hannibal Lector' x concentrica (there is something else here but I missed it, sorry Lisa)
  3. Neo. pendula
  4. assorted Billbergia
  5. Hohenbergia brachycephala
  6. Till. dyeriana

I really like the H. brachycephala because it looked so different. I can see how someone might think it was diseased however. There was another one at the show that looked the same as the one pictured. I looked for it on FCBS but it wasn't listed.

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Thanks for the great photos Mike.Almost like being there.
And looking forward to some Selby pics too.
To us Northerners,its inspiring to see what a lot of sun and warmth
can do to obtain the great colors in the plants shown.

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Was the show judged by BSI certified judges, do you know? Something like that Hohenbergia really puts the judges' knowledge and experience to the test. Since it won a blue ribbon I'm guessing that the mottled appearance is typical of the species. I like it, but I'm not sure everyone would be as attracted to the "petri dish" look.

Love that #11 with those red tips! That one deserves to be registered.

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Thanks, Mike :^)

I really love the Orthophytum saxicola display, as for the meaning
'saxicola' : the rock dweller

That clump of Neo. pendula is also striking.

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Lisa that plant is registered its a Grant Groves hybrid called 'Metis'

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I think Metis is #10, HDD. I'm talking about #11.

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They look like the same plant to me grown under different conditions and 11 is closer to the one I saw recently grown hard

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Here are 2 pictures I took with my camera phone from the same show.

I'm going to try to make it tomorrow morning to the Show and Sale at Fairchild Gardens.

I purchased this plant from Josefa Leon of Sunrise Ranches but it didn't have a name. I asked her and she said something like Dr. ... I should've written down the name when she said it. If someone could identify it, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Dr. Oesser hybrid?

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