Please help me identify my new friend

nitsuj420January 18, 2014

Hello, I was given this lovely plant and am seeking to identify it. Any and all help would be appreciated

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I believe it is Euphorbia trigona.

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Without a doubt, Euphorbia trigona, yes.


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They grow fast to be trees. Also, if it is as far from strong light as it seems, it will grow long lanky branches that won't be able to support its own weight. You can prune it back and new branches will grow. If you prune it, the white sap (latex) causes a rash in some people and to avoid a painful temporary blindness, don't ever rub your eyes if they have sap on them. To stop the sap from flowing, douse it with water.

Just throwing out an opinion here, please don't take offense. These plants make poor houseplants. They are somewhat toxic; even a tiny cut makes it bleed quite a bit. They grow fast, and the last thing most homes can accommodate is a large, fast growing, spiny shrub whose flowers are tiny tiny tiny and the only thing they attract is houseflies.

If the owner is not a serious plant person (less than 5 plants usually), then this experience can sour them to plants. There are a bunch of Euphorbias being grown for the trade that make poor houseplants. Cheif among them is trigona, and Euphorbia tirucalli also comes to mind.

Plants like Kalanchoe daigremontiana are better gateway plants. They take abuse, multiply like crazy and give an interesting bloom even if you grow it on a flat rock. Soon, you grow plants like Begonias and African Violets. Then you grow up and develop into a refined, modern human and take interest in cactus (and house friendly succulents). Of course, you can always move to Nirvana (San Diego) and grow all of them outside in the ground.

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If I could ask, did you get it from freecycle by any chance? Rina

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Hello all, thx for your info and advice. I am an avid horticulturalist... I have hundreds of plant, create my own and raise and sell various types of indoor and outdoor greenery. Everything from medical plants, to ornamental and everything in between. I also do landscaping on the side.

Rina... It was given to me in poor condition. After helping it recuperate I offered it back, but they refused as they said they kill all greenery... Lol

Thx again for all your input. Feel free to msg me with any questions, comments or just to shoot the sh!t...

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I disagree about these making poor houseplants, and I know what Frank on the website says in this regard. I have had one for several years, and never had an issue with the latex. Indeed they do grow fast, but they are attractive plants, and if they outgrow your space, you can always take cuttings, and start over. My advice, grow what you like, but do some research first. Good luck with your lovely E. trigona.


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By the way, I grow Euphorbia tirucalli indoors as well, and it is thriving, with no issues whatsoever. It is a matter of opinion, but in no way do I see this as a 'poor houseplant'. That is a subjective term. To me, a Croton would be a poor houseplant, for example, as they need more humidity than most homes can supply.


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