Ballona Show/Sale and Miniature Exchange?

epiphyte78(9)April 30, 2013

Bonsais are really interesting...but bonsais with epiphytes attached to them are even more interesting. Yay or nay?

Here's a list of epiphytes that I've attached to my Crassula "bonsai" and here are a couple of close up photos...

Anybody in Southern California have any miniature Tillandsias that you'd be interesting in trading? If so, then bring them to the Ballona Show/Sale this Saturday.

Here are some of the Tillandsias that I'll bring to trade...

Tillandsia capillaris
Tillandsia capillaris Pitchfork
Tillandsia funkiana?
Tillandsia loliacea
Tillandsia tricholepis

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Buying the plants is a much easier way than trades.

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hotdiggetydam, it really depends on availability. For all I know, some guy on the next block has all the Tillandsias that I don't have...and I've got all the Tillandsias that he doesn't have. The only way to find out is by throwing it out there.

Also, why spend more money on plants if I don't have to? I've already spent too much money on plants and am now at the stage where most of my new acquisitions are from exchanges with other hobbyists, vendors and botanical gardens.

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Your Tricholepis ball/clump is gorgeous. I really enjoy Diaphoranthema tillandsia. Often times (unfortunately) this subgenus takes a 'back seat' to other species, cultivars & hybrids.

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