? Flood victims

splinter1804April 2, 2009

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if any of our Garrden Web friends are caught up in the floods in Northern NSW?

We haven't heard from Kerry for a while although I suspect she's getting everything in order before she goes to the Adelaide Conference.

What about Phil. we haven't heard from him since he bought the big shade house and I think he said he lives somewhere in Northern NSW a bit inland from the coast?

Anyone know anything? I hope they're alright.

All the best, Nev.

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No Nev, Im sorry I dont know who lives down that way.
Gosh! I hope all is good with gardenwebbers

hasnt the weather been strange?
Im freezing up here in the tropics....brrrrrrr
but my freezing is 15 degrees, but still 35 during the day

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Hi Folks...I am a good mate of Kerry's and live nearby. I live in Lismore about 30mins drive from Kerry. I was speaking with her yesterday and all was basically well. While our area has had a lot of LOVELY rain, and Kerry backs onto a LOVELY creek; she had no water up hear her house - shade house that is, and garden.

I believe she is snookered in front of her PC preparing for her presentation at next weekend's Australian Bromeliad Conference in Adelaide. I know we are both VERY excited about the event in general. Catching up with friends and meeting new ones.

As far as the floods go in NSW; the worst area has been the mid north coast area around Coffs Harbour. I know a couple of participants on here (Richard from thebromplace) have had a trememdous amount of rain also - and Richard lives closer to Coffs. I have not heard from Tamera in Port but I think it is ok around there.

I know that during the previous big wet (Feb09), that a renowned Brom nurseryman (Peter Tristram) at Repton near Coffs Harbour suffered extensive water damage to his (new) shade houses. (Peter is the breeder of Tiger Tim among other treats; one of my favourite brom-breeder-sellers.) So I am concerned for how Peter got on in this big wet this big area has had in the recent week.

Richard (a GW contributor) may pass on other news if he has any; and I am sure Kerry will extract herself from her PC soon; well to catch the plane to Adelaide at least!!


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Hi Bromaholic and other GWers. Bromaholic, you promised you'd send some rain my way. I got 35 precious mls and more since I checked my rain guage. Thanks but lots more please.
North east of where I am on the Sunshine Coast had 500ml (20 inchers) in 5 hours. I don't know who from this forum lives there but there are some well-know brom places up that way (Cheryl Basic, Bromagic etc). Imagine what that kind of rain does to their broms.

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Hi everyone, still raining heavy here on and off but so far we are all OK.
Was able to get to town yesterday and the riverside park in Kempsey is well under water and a lot of people flooded in on the south side of the river.
Tamera's OK - Port has not copped as much.
Kez also when last spoke - but has been trapped in at times.
Hope Peter, Cheryl and others have not fared too bad.

We are now starting to see a bit of crown rot with so much rain. ( I know others need it).
Thanks for your concern - Cheers Richard

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

All the best to all you guys up there. Hope you pull through OK and without too much damage to all those beautiful plants. Cheers, Paul

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