Moving and I would love some tips

radarcontactlost(8)November 26, 2010

Im moving from Texas to Ohio and of course I am taking my plant collection with the the best I can. The Hippis I just bare rooted and I am going to let them loose their leaves. We had our first freeze last night anyways so I had to do something. Once they are dormant, how long can I expect them to safely stay asleep? Any tips to limit loses? Thanks guys!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I wouldn't worry about it for a second to be honest. Anyone that has ever imported one knows they can be bare-rooted for a few weeks and dried in order to get a phyto and shipped. If you want you could wrap the roots in newspaper or the like with some soil to keep them from dessicating and losing them. Best of luck with your move :o) Dan

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Thanks for the reassurance. Unfortunatly it wouldn't be feasible for me to wrap the roots since I have like at least 50 bulbs, plus the rest of my collection of other plants. I'm trying to condense as much as possible since whatever doesn't fit in my truck bed gets left behind. Im storing them in the dark in my garage to force them to loose their leaves faster, do you think thats a good idea? Thanks again.

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I second the fact that you shouldn't have any problem at all. I usually keep my bulbs stored in the cellar for anywhere from 2/3 months with no ill effects. If the roots dry up a bit, they will still be fine, as we've all purchased bulbs with no roots at all!! The darkness of your garage should help with the drying of their leaves, some are usually stubborn, but pay no matter, when the time comes to move you can either leave the totally green leaves on or cut them off. I know that's not the best thing to do, but still they will be fine. Good luck with your move, and hope your hippies are happy in their new too!


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Radar, I store my bulbs bare root and leafless every winter with no ill effects. In fact I think they do pretty well this way. I've tried both letting the leaves yellow on their own and removing them when I lift the from the ground - and see no noticeable difference between either method. I've read that it's taxing on the bulb to try to continue to provide moisture to the leaves after you lift them and it's best to remove the leaves promptly, but then I've heard the opposite here as well. Good luck with your move! Your bulbs will be the easy part and will be ready to bloom for you in your new home this spring ;-)


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Thank you all for the tips. I was worried about the length of time they would be forced dormant. It may be 2 or three months at the longest. Its all very speculative still when I will need to be there. I was going to pull some into the greenhouse and keep them going as long as possible, since we have had frosts here lately. But I think I will just go ahead and force them all into dormancy that way they are ready for the trip. I normally dont have to worry about this because I have a greenhouse. Thanks so much!

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Good luck Radar, please let us know if everything works out alright with all your bulbs. I myself will have to move this summer so will be interested any advice you will be able to give after your move. I am thinking about keeping a few select bulbs in pots due to their fragile temperaments myself.


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Just let them dry out, whack off the leaves and pack them in boxes, you can stack more in the truck that way. I take all my plants in boxes to plant trades, those plastic storage containers work also, even better as a matter of fact as they don't get wet, collapse or fall apart. Is the truck bed heated? I'd really be worried about them freezing back there going to the frozen northland. Luckily hippis are tough and can handle it. Good luck!
Tally HO!

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Im planning on getting a camper topper for my truck and leaving the back window open to let heat in the bed. I hope that is enough to keep them warm. I would think it would be enough to at least keep it above freezing. Then when we stop for the night of course im going to bring them into the room with us. They are my babies.

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Line the bed with a thick, thick layer of newspaper before you load it up, that will help provide insulation for them. Good luck! Can you talk the spouse into riding in the back so you can put the plants up front? Just kidding!
Tally HO!

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ryan820(z5b Denver, Colorado, USA)

Radar-- when are you moving? Where will you be controlling? I have a friend who recently got certified up in Fairbanks, AK. He used to work with me at Jeppesen (A Boeing Company) but heard the call of the wild (the wild being both Alaska and becoming ATC!).

About your plants-- very good chance your plants will be just fine. It sounds like your added protection will do just fine by them.

I don't get to fly much back east (I only fly on my own right now) but I admire the hell out of your controllers. Pilots tend to be rather full-of-it. At least that's been my experience. I began my flying career as a navigator-- so it put being a pilot into perspective.

Anyway, safe travels, and for the time being we'll do our best to keep the winter weather bottled up here in the Rockies!

Denver Ryan

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

One other thought.....if you are really worried about the temps you can buy those 60 hr heat pads that people use to ship during cold weather.....they are very cheap to buy a bunch of them and might give you some comfort :o) Dan

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Radar...where do you live? If you aren't able to fit some things that are special to you I can "foster" them and get them to you. I'll be driving to Canfield, OH this June.
Kristi (in Spring, near Houston)

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