dormancy and repotting....

angellillyNovember 18, 2009

ok here is the thing:i have this hippy bulb that i treat as a houseplant and it doesnt go dormant;it needs repotting asap the whole pot is filled with roots.when should i repot?after flowering or before(cause its not dormant and i may stress it)?also:what about a bunch of hippy seedlings i have?should i bring them indoors?im in zone 8.thanks in advance!

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You could re-pot your hippi bulb whenever you like... I just recently re-potted my oldest bulb into new medium. It didn't need a larger pot... it needed to be separated from its daughter bulb.

When you re-pot, be sure to remove all the old soil, and gently tease the roots apart. I usually hold just the root ball under tepid running water, and let the water help me remove the old soil. I try to untangle the roots, and I usually find that there are some dead roots that need removal.

A few roots are bound to break, and it's not really harmful... the bulb will regrow what it needs once it's re-potted. If your bulb isn't dormant, then you're really not going to set it back at all... it should begin to rest naturally fairly soon.

I hope this helps... I recently posted some photos of the bulbs I re-potted... the thread is called Minerva & Daughter, or something of that nature... it should be here on page two, I would think... the pictures will give you an idea of what the roots looked like, and the medium I used.

If you have more questions, we'd be happy to help answer them for you! Good luck! Oh... and I'm not sure about bringing in your seedlings... you don't want them to freeze, but I'm not familiar with your climate.

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Thanks for the quick answer jodik!i read some threads and i know you are a hippys encyclopedia!its good to hear that i can repot whenever i want(and i forgot!it also has a daughter bulb!).As for my climate is typical temperate;temperature in winter never falls below -2oC and really hot humid summers!perhaps bringing my seedlings inside a cool place like a store room or something?
-being very stupid i tossed an almond in their pot and it sprouted....right before winter....idiot arent i?-

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You're welcome! I don't know how much of an encyclopedia I am, but I do grow my bulbs as houseplants, and if there's a good reason for re-potting, any time of year will do. It's customary to re-pot following a bloom cycle, or in spring... but if your plant is root bound, any time will do.

As for the seedlings, there's no reason to force a dormancy or make them rest, so I'd keep them in a sunny situation, as long as the temperatures aren't too cold.

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