I have a flower...YAY

bromaloonieApril 7, 2009

Would you have a checky at this...LOL

Im SO excited that my Mexicana is flowering.

I must admit I did not see it until yesterday...being a neo lover and all, I walk through my brom house with my head looking down low at all the neos changing colour and pupping. Every now and then I lhave a geezer up and look at the whole view. Well this time i got a joyful surprise:-)

Amazing how a spikey plant that is ugly to most people are just such a treasure to others!

Jennie told me it could handle alot more light, but I got busy in life and forgot/didnt get round to it but it still flowered...sitting in the middle of the brom house in a fairly sheltered light(pic shows it with the most light it gets all day)

Ohhhh how exciting this is.

Its still not fully open but will take other photos at its peak

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Well done! You've got quite a display in store. The wee flowers look quite pretty when they open, but I reckon the berries look even more attractive. Each to their own I spose..
Will watch this space for developments :-)
Cheers, Todd

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Oh Gem,
Your eyes must be worst than mine - can't believe you missed that!!!!! Also can't believe I sent that through Australia Post. It is colouring up well and the flower will just get better and better over the weeks ahead. Don't you love it when you discover something coming into flower. It's like Christmas.

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Aechmeas are my favourites. I had an Aech. Caesia (or is it Gaiters?) and an Aech. Flavo Rosea come into flower this week.

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