Blossom Peacock Not As Asleep As I Thought

quail(USDA 9)November 28, 2010

Hi, all.

I got myself a Blossom Peacock for my birthday, and planted it at the end of October. I've been watching it, but so far, it seemed to still be sleeping. No sign of leaves or scapes.

So today I decided that I should really make sure there still was some moisture in its soil (haven't watered since planting). I stuck my finger down in the soil in a couple of places. Discovered two things:

1. Yes, there's still moisture in the soil.

2. My bulb isn't as asleep as it appears. I figured that it was probably growing roots since the roots it had were pretty dead-looking. (Very nice-looking bulb otherwise.)

And it probably is growing roots...didn't look that far down :)

But, I did discover that it is busily growing an offset! :)


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Sounds like it's busy where you can't see. Very smart of you to check. I'll often give new bulbs a little tug to see if they are send down roots (not a big tug...just a little one to see if they are secure in the soil). I find that often they do attend to root-growing before they start sending out scapes or leaves.

I bet it will surprise you soon enough. GOOD LUCK...and keep us posted.

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Hi Michelle,

That's what Blossom Peacock does, she breeds like rabbits..! I started out with one bulb a few years back and it multiplied to over 5 bulbs which I then separated, gave one away, two rotted over the summer that were in the same pot and I still have two small bulbs.. one which bloomed with 2 flower a few weeks ago and both walnut sized bulbs are already making babies..! You'll have a clump before you know it..!


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quail(USDA 9)

Hmmm, maybe I didn't plant it in a large enough pot?! It's currently in a one gallon container. Should I switch it to a larger container? If so, can I do it now without disturbing it too much, or would it be better to wait? This ought to be fun to watch! :)
I have a seedling from my first hippie cross that turned two this year that has grown six little offsets. (The other seedlings from that same cross either have zero or one offset each.) It's been exciting to watch the one with all the offsets. And I can tell that the bulb that produced the six offsets has been growing--the offsets aren't as far from their parent bulb now as they used to be. So I'll definitely enjoy watching Blossom Peacock, too!

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I'd leave it alone for a while, or until the bulblets grow a little larger..they don't mind being cramped, mine was and rather than complain, it just kept making babies....

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quail(USDA 9)

Thanks, Donna. Glad to know that I don't need to disturb her. Don't mind her making babies at all! That's part of the fun :)

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quail(USDA 9)

Woohoo! She's putting up a bud :) It just started peeking out yesterday. Can only feel about a quarter of an inch so far, but it's coming!!

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Congrats Michelle, on your impending bloom. My Blossom Peacock is still my favorite bulb. And mine is just like Donna's... it puts up two bulblets per season. I've traded them and made some great friends. As Denver Ryan say, BP has weed genes.


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