ID for my Neo.....anyone?

aveo5April 30, 2011

Well I piggybacked on the other posting asking for an ID, that has pictures in it. i cant post pictures, no matter how may time I have been told how to do it, it never works. BUT i can send pictures of the one I am searching for the name of, if they want one or two, I can take a few great picture of it.

I know it isnt some rare one of a kind Neo. It is so beautiful, and I love to know the names of the few bromeliads I grow. I have nearly all Neos. and most are 'Fireball' descendants or crosses.

The one I need a name for, is, as I said in the other posting, is smaller, about 4-5 in. across,and puts out many many offshoots, like a Neo.'FireBall', but it is a twin for the second picture in the other posting asking for ID of some Neos. I grow mine in a Plumeria tree, and it loves it in the tree. The color is nice and dark,and striped and grows year round. Maybe someone is a great bromeliad ID person...and maybe a Neo. specialist? I can email you pictures of it. As I put in the other posting, I know part of the name is Neo. and it has 'Donger' in it. Thats all i can recall.

Can anyone help?

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there is a registered neo called Neo. Donger. it is on the fcbs website.

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Dont mean to sound so dense...but what is the 'Febs. Website'?
I have another Neo that has white/pink/red and green stripes in it, and is about the same size as the one I am looking to get named. And it has the 'Donger' word/name in its description. But the one I am looking to get a name for, looks exactly like that one that is called 'Neo. Pimento' but is smaller and spreads like a Neo. Fireball. And it has the 'Donger' name in it. but it does not have any pink or green or white in it. It is a small twin of that 'Pimento'

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Its is most likely that your plant is Donger and the plant is a bit of a mule. Which is a good trait since it makes it grow in clumps either in a basket or mounted on wood

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Hi everyone,


If you access the address that HDD has shown above you will open up the site of the FCBS (Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies. )This is a fantastic site which has an amazing Photo Index which is an invaluable tool for researching information about the identity and history of thousands of individual bromeliads.

On the left hand side of the home page there is a list of the various sections.

Scroll down to "Photo Index" and open it up. This is a photographic record showing thousands of pictures of the various bromeliad genera both species and cultivars.

Scroll down to Neoregelia and open it up, then select cultivars from the top of the list and another list of most of the registered cultivars, in alphabetical order will appear.

Select the letter "D" (for Donger) and scroll down till you find the name, hit the "enter" key and the picture will be shown along with what is known of its parentage.

There are two Neo's of this name shown. One is spelt "Donger" and the other "Donga" and they both look totally different.

All the best, Nev.

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Thanks Nev. i will give it a try...I know part of the name IS Donger....but the rest i cant looks exactly like a mini Neo. Pimento, that was mentioned in the other Neo. posting.

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