Tillandsia tenuifolia 'white flower'...

stanofhApril 20, 2013

With some 'rubra' mixed in I think. Its so nice my local Home Depot is selling Tills again. And unattached. Felt good to look through the "bin".
Any keeper experiences for me to keep in mind?

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I just got one of these a few weeks ago. Ive had good luck treating it like any other tillandsia of mine: a 1-2 hour soak, half submerged, twice a week, and a generous misting in the morning and evening. Oh and biweekly feeding. Thats awesome that home depot had this! Mine came with 2 pups already started and it has sprouted 3 more in the short time ive had it.

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Stan, no 'rubra' in it, just straight tenuifolia. They can grow into a big ball if not given too much lovin'.

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Thanks Gonzer. I got to post a photo of it now outside and in flower. It stands out.

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Rain Forest Flora sells to Home Depot in our area which is in Southern California. Paul, the owner, is such a nice guy who owns the business, ID these tilly's for me. They sell these cute colorful birds on a ring and they have that tilly as well on them. A beautiful store you need to visit if you are in the area of Torrance, California.

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