rickta66(Brisbane)April 20, 2009

Hello all,

I've had this plant for a while and always thought it was a XNid of some sort until my cousin gave me a Canistropsis, I now think it is Canistropsis.Tamarillo or Canistropsis.Cola.

Does anyone else agree?

Canistropsis.Tamarillo or Canistropsis.Cola



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Hi Rick,

Yes, I agree your brom looks very like Canistropsis Tamarillo, which I also grow. I don't grow C. Cola, but comments on it suggest it is the same as Tamarillo? I think it would be a safe bet to label yours as Tamarillo.

Here are a couple of pics of mine, grown in quite dense shade - hence narrower and less colourful leaves than yours. Your lovely brom has inspired me to grow a couple in brighter light.

NB. Your garden looks divine there in the background. :)


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Thanks Kerry,

When I received this plant it, the plant and flower was dark green almost pitch black, I loved that look but haven't been able to achieve it since.

My plant has been grown in filtered light, the plant and flower have gone a rusty orange colour when grown in stronger light.


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