succulent? please help!!

ssams808January 14, 2014

Hello everyone! I just joined this site after searching the web in concern of my plant... my mom bought me this around Christmas time from a Korean restaurant, the lady only told her that its easy to care for and likes alot of light. Being a gift from my mom and the price made me want to take care of it exceptionally well!! So the blooms look like tiny orchids and the plant itself is fat and bulby at the bottom so I guessed it is some type of succulent, can anyone confirm this? Also maybe the name of it would be great too!! I have only watered it twice using a shot glass of warm water. In the last few days all of the blooms have dropped off and the bulby bottom area is looking kind of like a prune, like its shriveling :( Im not sure if it needs more or less water or how to care for it. Any help or info will be greatly appreciated!! :)

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Kind of hard for me to tell what the flowers look like as they blend right into the wall.Could you hold something dark behind the flowers so the picture of them shows up better.I kind of think it's an orchid of some kind though.

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An orchid in flower. Congratulations. Yale

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This is an Oncidium orchid, I have one myself. This type likes a lot of light. The bulb is shriveling either because it is too dry, or it has received too much water in the past, and the roots are dead. Only way to tell is to check the roots. If they are viable, I would water it thoroughly and see how the plant responds.

For more specific advice, check the Orchid Forum.


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Thanks everyone for your help! I searched the orchid name Christopher mentioned and got some great plant care tips. It did mention that the shriveled bulbs indicates not enough water so I will give that a is the link if anyone else is interested :)

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