Anything I need to know about transplanting Crinum lilies?

sada(8)November 2, 2007

I have a 4 foot square area PACKED with crinums off a walkway. I would like to move them further back in the yard as where they are now crowds the porch & provides too much cover for garden reptiles to startle me when pushing by. They currently get alot of sun - from 10am to 5pm in summer. Where I want to put them would have full sun for part of the day & filtered sun in the afternoon. They currently get runoof from an outdoor shower when we use it & the other location doesn't have that source of water but also isn't so incredibly bright/hot. Any advice or recs? They are lovely & I don't want to lose them - I just don't like the snakes beneath them abutting a commonly used path (copperheads, cornsnakes & garters). Any recs for how/when to transplant would be greatly appreciaated.

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Spring or fall are the best times to transplant them, as it is getting late into fall I would transplant them as early in the spring as the soil will allow you to work.

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Thanks - I plan to prepare bed for them this weekend - if it turns cold I can wait until spring but I think we'll be in the 60s-70s for a while yet. These lilies are truly lovely in summer with their pink nodding flowers - 4feet high! The leaves are a good 2 1/2 feet high & I was kind of waiting for things to cool down abit before plunging my hands in to check out their bulbs. I know the bed has been undisturbed since we bought the place in 2001 - but don't know how long in place before that - other than not before 1997 (prev owner gave us pics of house when they bought it). I would love to get more of these - they have lovely brilliant green foliage that tolerates blazing beach sun so well & really makes things feel tropical. We have had freezes to 0 degrees F here & they're come right back in the spring - though the semi-evergreen strappy leaves melted back to the bases rising up from the ground (kind of bad salad greens yuckky). Remarkable plants, just overwhelming the walkway.

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