freeze damage...night blooming cereus

jwnix(8b/la)January 28, 2010

sadly, covering my huge plants was not sufficient and the long fronds froze. having never dealt with plant that froze, am trying to decide whether to shock them and prune now, or leave all the damaged material on them and see what happens in the spring. i had 55 blooms between the two plants one september evening so want to protect them of course. I'm looking for info where someone else encountered this problem....

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I cut my freeze damage off so it encourages branching as soon as possible. They grow back amazingly quickly. I had 50 blossoms on one plant. Covering these large epies is a chore. Finding space for them inside in a large wood shop was all I could do in the last snap.. It still got down to 28 in the shop. I covered mine with a painter's tarp and then would boil some water to fill the inside with warm steamy air. I potted mine into a SMALLER pot because I heard they like crowded toes. It was so hard to roll that huge pot around. I wanted it in a pot that I could lift and put up high on top of a metal storage cabinet in the wintertime. It limits the growth a bit but the blooms keep coming.I have found that fewer branches have gotten broken this way. We have another freeze coming, but nothing like the last one.

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I've got several dead ones. Cut back the ones that did survive.
Tally HO!

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I steeled myself and cut cereus back yesterday and covered was to be shorter freeze last night and tonight...... will see if they recover from the insults and shocks to their systems.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

jwnix, I wouldn't worry your self to much on it recovering from being cut back because frost, these plants can take a lot of abuse and still come back and bloom like crazy,I had one of mine out last year a bit early and the frost got most of it and after I cut it back it grew bigger and better with about 18 blooms.


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I've cut my two night bloomers down to the quick, each looking quite dead. yet if I dig my finger into the root system, it seems alive. Still, it's been in the 70's to 80s for a few weeks now, and no sign of growth. Should I give up?

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