Alcantarea imperialis

tropicbreezentMay 11, 2013

No, this isn't a variegated form. I bought this some time ago, maybe some 5 - 6 months ago and put it out in the garden until I decided on a place for it to go permanently. A few months later I came across it again and a lot of the leaves were 'bleached out'. Obviously from the sun. I thought they'd be okay in full sun, but probably it'd been sheltered in a nursery all its life until I bought it.

I moved it into shade where there's only very light filtered sun. The leaves in the centre seem okay, possibly grew sun hardened while the older leaves were being burned.

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So now I'm unsure whether it should go out into the sun (it's been in the shade for over a month now). It's difficult finding a good spot because the sun moves so much here during the year. The most practical would probably be to give it morning sun and afternoon shade, that's the most consistent arrangement. I don't think permanent shade would keep it happy.

Just wondering if anyone can give some advice on best situations for them, thanks.

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Its a part sun plant in California..dappled, or full sun while shaded from the hottest sun of the day. Unless your climate is warm and foggy...part sun is best. Not too much shade though..that will stunt the plant.fewer, narrower leaves.

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Thanks for that info. This is a photo when I first got it, put it into morning sun/afternoon shade but it couldn't stay there. So it went into full sun still in the pot but near where I thought it should go in the ground permanently. Doesn't really look like the same plant.

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

I have found bringing some broms into a new environment is very stressful. I got an A.I and put it in partial shade and it looked bad for the first 3 months new growth seems to be ok now. Also most commercial broms are grown in filtered light, so moving them to full sun should be a slow process. I find a protected spot near where I want them to end up and let them get used to the environment. Then move it to its new home preferably in the winter months when the sun is not as strong. Full sun in my Florida 9b is not full sun in in zone 7 or 8 so I have to be careful when a plant is listed for full sun.

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We often get plants here with growing instructions for another part of the country but unsuitable locally.

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I've had the exactly same problem with all of my imperialis. They were in situation where they get full sun and shade during the afternoon hell in my patio, all doing fine until our brutal summer sun started to burn their tips.
I would add the more mature plants in the nursery here are happily basking in full sun but the smaller ones about the size of yours are almost dessicated entirely.

mine with their leaf tips burned moved with shade loving plants

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