luna moth cocoon????

cj21381March 25, 2009

My daughter found a cocoon on the ground, I brought it in and showed my hubby. We thought it was dead since it was on the ground so my hubby cut it open to see what was inside. It's large and brown.At first I still thought it was dead cause it didn't move so I laid it up on my counter and forgot about it. A few days later I accidentally bumped it and the thing went crazy. wiggling and twisting in the cocoon. So it is ALIVE.And seems to be getting stronger as the days go by. So far it hasn't died from the cocoon being cut open. What do I do with it. it's late march here and the weather is warming up and I read that it should be keep cool or something untill spring, well it's spring now so maybe it's alright but how do I care for it.what do I keep it in, do iI need to keep it moist. Anyone who has any advice PLEASE let me now. I feel responsible for it now,I hope I didn't damage it or hurt it from finishing it's metamorphosis.

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button20(zone 7b)

Hello, that looks like a Luna cocoon to me. Well since you said its warm there, it should be fine for it to hatch out now. Anyways the container should have a stick in it or something for the moth to climb up on. The container should be big enough for the moth to hatch out, climb up and expand and dry its wings, which is the most important part because they can have a wing span of 4-5 in. I would say a pop-up laundry basket would do or any thing of that nature. Oh and yes, spray or mist the cocoon with a spray bottle every other day , so the pupae in the cocoon wont dry out. also don't worry about feeding the Luna when it hatches, because it has no mouth. I hope this helped some :)

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