rooting jade cuttings

bassetlvr(S.W. FL)January 28, 2007

Hello to all. How do I propagate jade plant cuttings? I have tried everything and I lose them every doggone time to rot. I have a beautiful jade with the oval leaves and I would like to take cuttings. We will probably be moving sometime later this year and I don't want to take this plant with me if I can help it. It's in a huge (and I do mean huge) clay pot that goes with the landscaping here, so I will leave it, however, I would like to at least have rooted cuttings of it.

Will those of you out there who have successfully rooted jade cuttings advise me and tell me what your secret is?

Thank you,

Louise B.

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Hi LouiseB: I'm fairly new to Jades but have had success,
rooting Jade leaves and cuttings. My wife had a few pots of soil that had flowers removed. I put all this into my garden barrel, broke it up and took out all the roots and
debris. I added some Perlite, then mixed it well. I used this to fill 4 inch clay pots. Then I broke off some healthy leaves from my Jade and stuck one in each pot,
with the base under the soil slightly. I put 2 tablespoons
of water near the base, then left them in a lighted window.
In a couple months they were about 3 inches tall. I just watered them about once a week. I did this with cuttings too. Cut a branch, I thought would grow into a nice
shape and stuck it into the soil, with no watering for about a week. I understand that you should leave the cuttings out for about one week and then plant them but!!!!!!! I guess can't wait that long.
You will probably get many answers to you question.
There are a lot of helpers on the Forum.
Maybe someone could elborate on my answer.

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amany(MI / 6)

Hi Louise.

I let the stem cuttings sit out for about a week or two. Then I pot them up in C&S soil with perlite added, and set in very bright light. Then I water a few weeks later, or when I see signs of growth (budding, roots or aerial roots).

I'm sure others will pipe in. I hope it goes well.

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It sounds like the rot that is happening is because you're watering it too much? How often do you water them?

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I've rooted leaves by just putting them back in the pot with my jade plant...they root pretty easily that way. Stem cuttings, on the other hand, have been pretty difficult for me. I'm assuming this time of year might be the reason (I live in cold NY). But you live in Florida so it may be easier.

I cut up my jade several months ago, and was told to just leave them out to root (and that's what the concensus seems to be if you do a search on here). So I left them on top of a radiator on the window sill in bright (but not direct) light. But they started to shrivel up a few weeks ago, so I decided to just put them in water so I don't lose them. I did that and mostly all of them (except the "woody" branches) rooted like crazy. I know this method is controversial because of the difficulty transitioning them from water to soil, but many other plants are rooted in water and then transferred to soil, so I don't see a difference. I guess the best bet (according to what seems to work for most people on here) would be to try letting them root by laying them on a bed of soil or on a windowsill, but it just didn't work for me. I'm also trying to root some in soil, and I give it a tiny bit of water every week. So...that's my story, and I'm sure you'll hear MANY more ways to do it. But definitely let them callous if you decide to stick them in soil.
Good luck,

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amany(MI / 6)


I once rooted jade a cutting in water too. Like you, I had success with the green stem. Not the brown, woody one.

Even though I've read it couldn't be done, I rooted a snake plant in water. I gave it away when I potted it. Last I heard, it's doing just fine.

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How did you root the woody stem? In soil I'm assuming?

Yes, I've heard certain Sans (or all/most) are difficult to propagate by leaf cuttings...but it's nice to hear you tried it anyway. Good for you.

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amany(MI / 6)

I rooted it in soil. I don't recall how much time went by before I watered it. I don't remember if I let it callous over either. I was trying so many new things with plants and cuttings at the time that I can't keep track.

The plants did very well for a while. I did end up losing them over the summer to rot though. I didn't understand at the time about not watering jades often when there is no new growth. I was watering about once per week when the soil was good and dry because I kept reading that was the best thing to do in the summer. Then there was all the humidity, of course. Oh well, live and learn, right?

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If you notice on your Jade plant, some stems would have "air" roots but they sort of die away after a while. One of the methods that I have used for rooting Jade is to "bend" a stem/trunk into the soil in a separate pot and then covering it with more soil. This method prevent rotting because the stem is not cut. The root will grow from the nodes and once it is rooted, you can cut the stem off the main plant.

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Hi Nixonk : I've noticed some of these "air" roots on my Jade . If I clipped a stem along with these air roots,
would they help, to start a new Plant.

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Hi : I cut a stem and put it into "dry ,loose soil"
and didn't water it. It rooted . Could it be that it got enough air to calous over. Everyone says to leave the cutting lay for about a week. Awhile back ,my wife put a branch in water.It rooted,then she stuck it in a pot and watered it. Good thing it was put in a back room and forgotten. It survived.!!!

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Hey Lou:

If you have success with rooting, then whatever method you used should continue to work. And, where is see the "air" root is where the new roots will come out from so you can to cut below that. The method I described is for people with difficulty rooting from cuttings. The bending method prevent the "cutting" from dying out or rotting before the roots can be established.

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I have air roots on all my cuttings (that have been sitting out for MONTHS now). I've potted up some and put some in water. But I also left some out (and they are slowly wilting away).

Anyway, if I cut the branches to where the air roots are, I'd be cutting almost the entire branch! Most of my cuttings have air roots at the top or upper middle section of the branch. So I wouldn't want to cut at that level. Has anyone had that problem?

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amany(MI / 6)

I have a lot of air roots at those levels too. I don't want to cut at that level either, but I think it's nice to know that I could start new jades if I wanted to. In fact, there's been some budding at a couple of the areas that have air roots.

I accidentally knocked a small piece off weeks ago. It was probably 3 inches big. I put it in a pot, roots down, with some jade cuttings. It's doing fine.

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Hi nixonk : This has nothing to do with Jades but about
-- years ago I remember putting a small plastic bag with soil on a brench and it grew a lot of roots. Then I cut it off and planted it. When I remember what plant , I'll let you know.
Don't get old , you can't remember things !!!!!!!
Maybe this would work on the Jades, with air roots.?

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Hi guys : Don't know if anybody is still around.
A week or so ago I clipped some branches off my Jade.
They were all twisted so that I wouldn't have been able
to put the bottom in soil later. Soooo, I tied them to a pine branch, with soft cotton string and straightened
them as good as possible. I stuck one in a 4 in. pot with dry soil, about 2 in. deep. The other I left to air dry
and calous over,standing in a lighted window.. I have it taped to the pot for the Photo.
After checking them out (one week) I saw roots growing on both. If they grow good, I'll clip all the string away.
Don't know what to say ? I did it my wayyyyyyyyyyyy

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amany(MI / 6)

I am no expert, but it looks like your way is pretty good.

I love cuttings. I like to experiment to find out what works for me and what doesn't.

Good job!

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9-14-2010- I have read the post re-jade rooting today & am trying to salvage a 20 yr.old plant, 4 branches 1"/1.5" dia., that have broken off due to wgt. . Based on what I have read/interpreted I have removed the 4 branches & put Rootone on the wet ends, I have then placed them on an old bath towel folded over the stumps & slightly wet the towel, this is placed facing west for pm sun, I intend leave them for 1 to 2 wks. to see if they will root, if successful I will advise then.
Thanks for the advise & I will advise my results later, RLC3.

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Hi Jade plant folk,
it's my understanding that when a plant starts to develop aerial roots, it may be a sign that the plant is pot bound or possibly being overwatered and is developing the extra roots to compensate for this...

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I got a small jade plant this weekend and in the pot is a leaf that has small roots growing out if it. Can this single leaf become its own plant? Any ideas on the best way to care for it?

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response to Sarah,
the leaf with roots can be treated as a mature plant. You could just stick it back in the soil and water sparingly. If you want to put it in its on container, use a small container. Succulents like sandy soil, use 1/3rd part sand to regular potting soil, a light blend like miracle grow is best.

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